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The Hungarian women's swordsman won the third match and reached the finals at the European Championship in Düsseldorf, MTI wrote.

After defeating the Belarussians and the Ukrainians, the Hungarians fought with the French in the top ranking of the world and won an exciting battle as before.

At the end of the first seven rehearsals, the French led 35-29 on the last turn. However, Anna Bronze beat Caroline Querolit by 11-4, and then, in the mood of Loza Pusztai 5-1, the second manon Brunet in the soil and heat weather.

  • Martin another eight, Pusztai more week, Katona finished the game minus ten.

The team members and coaches could not wait for the last action and then celebrated after the victory. Getting to the finals is a big hit for female swordsmen, on the other hand, and is worth a lot in the Olympic qualifying series.

Since the female swordsmen were on the Olympic program, the Hungarians did not make it to the Olympics. In fact, they did not receive medals in Eb or vb.

The Hungarian team won the gold medal from 19:00 with the Russians.


  • from 16: Hungary-Belarus 45-40
  • Quarterfinal: France-Poland 45-34, Hungary-Ukraine 45-44, Italy-Azerbaijan 45-42, Russia-Germany 45-34
  • Semi-finals: Hungary-France 45-40, Russia-Italy 45-39

The best against the Ukrainians was Renata Katona, who finished the game with six more. But ultimately, Olympic youth champion Liza Pusztai had to be calm and successful, as multiple world champion Olga Harlan gave three tails on a rope, so he managed to win one by one.

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