Index – Sport – The Hungarian hockey team has eliminated the Italians from Group A


The Nurszultani Division I / O Hungarian Men's Hockey Championship for the World Championship defeated Group A Italy 6-1 Saturday in Coventry, writes MTI.

The Hungarian team made a lightning strike and in the first minute scored twice. The Italians even beautified in the first third, but then the difference increased. Jarmo Tolvanen, a federal captain, won a confident victory. There were five players in Hungary's six goals.

Hungarian Italian

Photo: Attila Szucs / MJSZ

The two teams had played 40 times before, with 14 wins in Hungary and 19 in Italy, 7 draws. Most recently, in February, the Italians won 1-0 after an extension to the bleeding preparation tournament.

The Hungarian team closes preparations for Milton Keynes against the British national team on Sunday.

Hungary-Italy 6-1 (2-1, 2-0, 2-0)
Objective: Nagy G. 2, Galló, Szvezi, Vas J., Sofron and Miceli

Between 29 April and 5 May, the Kazakhstan national team will be hosted by the Slovenian, Belarusian, South Korean and Lithuanian teams as Hungarian opponents. The first two runners can play in the Swiss elite 2020, vb, and the last to enter the I / B division.

The Hungarian team began preparations with the Swedish defense team vb and started a tight match at 4-3 at Tüskecsarno. He then played twice with the Poles in Miskolc, then fired 2-1 before shooting, then scored 4-2 in the normal time. On Wednesday, he defeated the vb-rival Slovenians 7-4 in Tüskecsarnok.

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