Index – Sport – Tarlós does not let Margaret Island have a penny


2019/04/02. 00:54

It would originally be held from September 2 to 9 at the Margaret Island Athletic Center. However, Mayor István Tarlós said in his program entitled InfoRádió Arén on Tuesday that he would not be allowed to hold the event on Margaret Island.

The reason is simple:

can not support the construction of a separate pool in the middle of the old Pioneer Stadium, while the Alfred Hajós Sports Pool is very close.

The new location will probably be the National Riding School in Kerepesi, as neither party can settle on Margaret Island. It would have been the original idea of ​​the World Championship organizers, Margaret Island was only later.

Tarlós also talked about the capital's races and the Red Bull Air Race on the show, telling us that there will be no more than three of four races in Budapest on an annual basis, and this is supported by locals and that until he is the mayor, he will not be red Bull Air Race in Budapest. The competition will finally be held in Zamardi in 2019.

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