Index – Sport – rare moment, there is no water in the canoe track of Szeged


2019/04/17. 17:04

After eight years, Szeged will be able to organize the kayak world championship again, the renovation of the track has already begun. The federation also released a video saying that the water disappeared from the bed. On here.

Gábor Schmidt, president of the Hungarian Kayak Kayaking Association, said development is taking place on the eve of the World Championships but also offers opportunities for other sports such as triathlon competitions and open water swimming.

The most striking feature of development is that the bridge is connected to the mainland by a bridge that separates the runway. Television cameras will be transferred to the island and, unlike previous races, they will not be canes, but tens of thousands of viewers will be behind the races. There is a bike path on the island so that coaches can accompany their students.

At the end of July, everything is ready, from 21 to 25 August. will be in between.

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