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The Hungarian water polo team beat the Italian team 12-1 in the eighth final of the European Cup final in Zagreb on Saturday. Tamás Märcz's team secured their place at the June World Championships in Belgrade, the winner of which will be the first to win next year's Tokyo Olympics.

The Italians started well with two goals at the start of the match. The Hungarian team was in a great fight and drew two minutes before the break, but with a bomb, the Italians had the smallest advantage.

In the third act, Dénes Varga with two extra-class solutions – including a goal from Francesco Di Fulvio – was again the same. The Italians returned later, but not long after the Hungarian team led by Toni German and Dénes Varga.

In the last part of the game, Di Fulvio, who was almost faulted until then, lost five meters and Dénes Varga increased the advantage. After wasting a Hungarian rookie, the Italians scored a two-handed goal in a minute, but a minute before the end, Krisztián Manhercz decided to end the match.

Result, semifinal:

  • Hungary-Italy 12-11 (3-4, 3-3, 4-2, 2-2)
  • score for the Hungarian team: Varga Dé. 4, Vamos 2, Sedlmayer, G. Kovács, Jansik Sz., Pohl, German, Manhercz 1-1

In the other semi-finals, the Croatian side defeated the Spanish team from 12 to 9, so Tamás Märcz's students will play with the Croatians on Sunday night at 20.15 on Sunday night.


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