Index – Sport – Armstrong received astronomical money in Australia


He received fabulous money for his 2009 tour in Australia, with former bicycle rider Lance Armstrong, who didped.

The South Australian Federal Economy Minister said on Monday that he had paid a million and a half Australian dollars – that is, 300 million forints – to the American star of the time for the first time to start the Tour Down Under.

"We wanted to have the agreement previously published, but we were obstructed by ten years of confidentiality," said Rob Lucas.

The contract did not contain an article on doping, so the money can not be recovered. The 47-year-old has now competed in Australia in 2010 and 2011, but these contracts can not be published for now.

At the same time, the Chief Competition Officer of Mike Turtur has defended the astronomical look, saying that since the time of Armstrong's participation, there has been a steady increase in battles around Adelaide, and the world has been noted by the American wheeler.

Armstrong was deprived of all seven Tour de France in 2012 by the US Anti-Doping Agency and banned the sport forever, having become one of the most sophisticated anti-doping practices in the sport's history.

For a long time, the athlete denied being guilty, but in January of 2013 he admitted having gotten with illicit drugs. (MTI)

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