Index – National – You went fishing, life was saved on the day off


He started fishing innocently, but eventually a woman's life was saved by a day off from police around Zalavar. The following happened in the police:

Leaving the settlement on the 4th mile of Route 7512, she became aware of a woman. The woman jumped into the water, traversing the barrier system on the north side of the reservoir, and the strong twist swallowed immediately. The sergeant jumped after him, but the woman's body did not appear, looking down from the surface. It turns out that the desperate woman's dress clung to a piece of iron, so that she could not get out of her own power, even if she wanted to. The sergeant was successfully set ablaze and swam in the woman shocked from the strong water to the shore.

He put it on a stable side of the beach, and when he saw that it was a little better, planted it in his car to avoid cooling, pulled on his sweater and called an ambulance. At the same time as the rescue personnel, Sergeant Zalakaros's service staff stepped in. While the paramedics provided the woman, the police gave their colleagues a warm blanket.

The 63-year-old woman, who hesitated to take that desperate step because of her privacy problems, was taken to the hospital by the ambulance.

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