Index – National – UNESCO asks the government to stop the Liget project


The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, reported on efforts to conserve World Heritage sites. noted a document containing specific criticisms of the main investments of the Hungarian capital.

UNESCO is the most critical of the tower Mol of 120 meters designed for the Danube. It is amazing that the huge building can get the building permit.

Buildings that are very large are also called problems with the reconstruction of the City Park. The Liget project is called worrying because of the size of the Ethnographic Museum and the size of the biodomo.

UNESCO calls on the Hungarian government to discontinue projects within or near World Heritage sites provided there is no comprehensive policy in line with the Budapest Development Plan to manage areas under conservation. The organization still sees no guarantee that the urban landscape will not change after projects currently under development.

In connection with the reconstruction of the Castle, UNESCO notes that plans include significant reconstructions and new buildings, and that this poses a threat to World Heritage. They complain in particular that not only renovation is taking place but also the rebuilding of destroyed buildings, which leads to the loss of credibility of the urban landscape. The blurring of borders between preservation, restoration, reconstruction and new construction is not in line with international practice, the report says.

Unesco expects a report from the Hungarian state by 1 February 2020, in which they respond to the concerns expressed.

The world-famous and prestigious World Heritage List includes protected sites in Budapest such as the panorama of the Danube banks, the Buda Castle district and Heroes Square with the Andrássy Avenue. To a lesser extent, but also protected areas of World Heritage sites, such as the City Park.


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