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Police took two employees of the Simpla from the Bulletin District. Bence Molnár, Head of Communications at the Embassy of Place and Night of Budapest, bulletgyed nightlife project leader, Daniel G.G. The two men with paint sprayers in various parts of the Bulinette exploded messages that draw attention to the fact that the area was covered by kamudrog vendors.

This is not the first time anyone in the Bulinegyed told tourists that in October he visited the label "all drugs are fake here" on Király Street, which means "all drugs are here". As the Facebook entry above shows, the two sympathizers were trying to draw attention to the fact that they had been a serious problem in the region for months, that people selling camouflage cheated, chased, yearned for tourists.

It's sad that cops, instead of stopping the drug dealers and focusing on the street in the afternoon and evening, discipline and bring those who have been working here for years and do much for that place!

they write in the post. For the time being, the two men are in detention, but we've learned from Simplorio that they've been sending police recordings of clerks and camouflage plaques several times, but nothing is happening in the neighborhood.

In November last year, 24 wrote that, in addition to actual drug trafficking, the Bulinegyed appeared in the scamper. So much so that the local shops are left unleavened, which they are trying to rape for foreigners, disguised as drugs. The Simpla has struggled with more places for years to bring the situation back to normal in the Bulin Quarter, which is why they started their nightly civic initiative, led by one of the men arrested.

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