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Crossing to Miskolc, beyond the gate of Győr, on itDrive to Forgotten Brotherhood Street that is coming soon. Lyukóvölgyi will be the way. There is a row of dense houses, usually one-storey, but only a minute or two, because the world suddenly opens up and you are ahead of you hole valley of the stream. Along the road and on the hillside, the houses are scattered, facing the 16thpenny a bus that circulated slowly 50 years ago, while everything changed.

There are couples on the roadside here and there, twenty on a morning by day, there are those who push a cart, others draw large nylon bags, the streets that run down the road are all earthly, you're looking for a street sign in vain, fences are not protected by fences. Where the clutter of the house ends, the road runs into a forest and takes great turns. In the early 2000s, we were in a closed mine, facing the tiny row of miners miners being served, a grocery store and a long-closed pub, a three-story ghost workstation. The miners lived here, if they get the courage and venture into the ruins, they will find the ruins of the dining room, the soccer field or the automatic bowling alley. At the turn of the millennium, they wanted to make a homeless shelter at the work station and worked with it properly, but the old miners who lived in the small row of houses prevented the plan from collecting their signatures;

You hit!

Lyukóvölgyben Even if you are looking for a nursery, kindergarten, school, shop, church, pub, village house, culture house, doctor's office, what you do a settlement, this is the home of three or four thousand people, nine hundred families and the population – No exaggeration – it grows day by day. There is no drainage of waste water, the current goes off with medium load, if it falls, the anonymous vines become impassable, the current flows, the water is transported in many places from the hundreds of meters of well. If one lyukosi whatever you want in the worldpenny Get on the bus to get into Miskolc, be careful if you go to the bus stop because it's a zebra, it was not painted, and the cars are running fast for Sajószentpéter or Miskolc. Recently, a girl was thrown on the bus, saying, flying or ten feet before her body landed.

But at least there is a bus, the last umbilical cord with the city, which in itself is a miracle, because if you call a mechanic for your broken TV, the mechanic will not take the exit when you hear the address lyukosiként you're somewhere, then you hide from where you're going to work, if you know your address at school, just call it stink lyukosiand they will avoid it because they are convinced that you are lousy.

Air Gate, Community House, Moving on

Here we could stop presenting the settlement, leaving everyone behind this slice of the world, if there was no communal house where the man called village was called – so-called. The area is the municipality, its operation is the Maltese. The relationship between the two organizations is exemplary. The county has operated the voucher for a long time, providing family assistance, child welfare services and an area, container for the outpatient medical practice.

The area belonged to the mine, there was an air shaft here, all the Lyukóvölgy was sub-mined, the flights to the center of Miskolc, to the church of St. Anna. If it was a problem, they could come down and get the troublemakers out of the landing field.

The troublemakers are now not fighting the mines to get to the surface, but the ruined houses of Lyukóvölgye.

Music was about the baskets

I saw this Lyukóvölgye Levente, a 38-year-old social educator of Levice, who has been leading the honor for five years lyukosiként Presence Program of the Hungarian Maltese Charity, every day. "The area was parked in the seventies by the city council between Miskolc factories, the miners' dwellers, and we had our own grounds with enclosed gardens, we went out with my parents on the weekends. They built everywhere, the land was cultivated, rested, music from baskets of baguette, Ladak, Trabant, Wartburg before the earth ".

Lyukóvölgye His image changed drastically after regime change. In the nineties, retirees moved first to their enclosed gardens, built on socialism, and their Miskolc panels were handed over to their children to start their own lives. The second wave came from different regions of northeastern Hungary. mainly gypsy familiesThose who had been unjustly disposed of in their previous place of residence had no job, had taken an enclosed garden from their last forges. Unofficially, of course, it would not be possible to live a lifestyle officially here, so they could not sign up for local government, they had no official paper on the sale, only a note that they bought the shoelace for both both forint .

Hundreds of people moved from Miskolc in the 1990s and 2000s, victims of the Nesting program (lawyers, clerks, bank employees transferred evil families to the Avas housing estate to get state support), deported deportees and jobs.

Should I come in?

Levente Tisza had a great trip until she returned Lyukobányára. He was also attracted by the pedagogical career and the occupation of animals. He first learned to be a cattle rancher in Kaposvár, but he understood that this was just a hobby, and that he needed to find his profession differently. He wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, but due to an administrative mistake, he was a faculty in Hámbék social pedagogy was added.

"The Lord tried several times to help me," he says. She was working on a perbital boarding school for children injured in college. "I've gotten in, it was a very good school, I made a mirror in front of me."

Return to Valley of the Hole

After graduating, the Red Cross worked as a staff member for the homeless. After many years, his destiny was once again thrown into the valley. "We came here to one of the ruined houses," said the music, "an old uncle was lying on the bed in great dirt and misery." Fortunately, we could bring a miskolc nursing homes, it is not at all obvious that someone we want to bring is coming. Uncle entered the care system, it became a good story, he could go to heaven worthy. "

After the Red Cross, he became a family caregiver Lyukóba. Then the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service arrived at the street service. He worked in the field, shared a sleeping bag and operated tea. But it was not yet the home of the local community. What determined his life and what is related to his current profession was a Friday morning. "My mother died on Tuesday, my wife woke up on Friday morning, I'm ill. She's getting worse, the three children, under the age of three months, agreed that her mother passed out. very bad in the vicinity, an ambulance was sent to both cases Finally, they stabilized my wife's condition, put me in an ambulance and stayed home with my three-month-old son, who was getting hungry. "My wife's girlfriend became milk and brainwashed the same day, fell twice and revived. deep coma he fought for his life, the doctors gave up, I could only pray and ask. He had a series of brain surgeries, his vision was gone, he had some memory disorder, but we came back and took care of him. So I said: I am a debtor. That's when the offer arrived: start hole the Presence Program ".

There was no recipe, no need to take over a functioning institution, but to discover something completely new; a complex battery program organized around a communal house, build a team, operate the system, open the gates.

Catch the kids

In front of the house of the community we talk to the Levente in the heat that comes early, in the morning, people come in, there is someone who brings something, there is someone who takes it, as if it were the main square of a village Dehat it is not a village, only a colony is three or four thousand; We spent half a day in lyukosiak and what was most said was that children could change the world. In the children's home, they deal with children 0 to 3 years old, show parents often painfully young how to treat a small baby, deal with it, to form the language of love. The goal is to go to kindergarten to learn what you can not do at home: treat your cutlery or blow your nose. The point is that – Levente says that "They take the child because if they do, they will have a chance to live a decent life.

In the classroom, students go, do a lesson, read, learn.

And there is LYKF, one Lyukóvölgyi Community of young people. Fifteen is the lowest age limit, you can play with the little ones, do community work on the farm, pass the time cheerfully. But to understand what Levente Tisza and his team are dealing with, what the Presence Program is and how often it seems useless, we visit some lyukosit. From house to house, it seems that the tallest buildings have been largely demolished, but those downstream have this fate if they leave. In many places, vegetation has burned, fires are constantly developing, and it is a wonder that no one has burned down their home so far. According to local residents, young addicts are amused by the burning of vegetation.

40,000 per month for life

"Gypsy ball we met, he was a good boy, I liked it, came to me like a puppy. We take our lives. I was playing with 70-80 pounds of bags, I raised it like a man. But I have good money, no one envied. Eva deserves, everything said. "

Eva Stefán, 67, says this, next to her hand, hearing the story, István Balogh, her husband a year younger. Eva is lying on the bed, she has lost sight, her waist is broken, she can not walk. At the bottom of a small TV on the shelf, the Brazilian novel goes to one of the commercial stations. There is no toilet in the shed, if it falls, then the water will flow, because the chimney of the mantle has just lit, the roof has suffered serious damage.

The husband says so. gynecologist she had been a full-time nurse for 15 years, two of them receiving 80,000 forints. They lived in Miskolc, but lost their social housing because of debt, they could not request another apartment for five years. So they bought this putrit for 1.2 million forints, which they pay with 40,000 forints per month, which means the couple will have 40,000 forints per month. From this you have to pay the overhead, buy it, the food, the medicines. They have two kids, sometimes talking on the phone.

Six children without a man

B. 28 years old, born in Sikh, followed his father Lyuk, who married here. They came back, Alexandra left. She has six children, the one-month-old minor, the eldest of 14 and a small house living in a small house, paying twenty thousand forints a month. The child's income and family allowance is one hundred thousand forints per month, says the busiest edition of the children's bus rental, which carries 20,000. The man is not home, his last pregnancy was so stressful that he recently had heart disease.

His children were afraid of stray dogs and drug addicts. Many people keep dogs to protect the house, but as there is no fence, the breeding is great, and dogs are not taken to the vet because there is no money for it. Alexandra's eldest children are potential victims of drug traffickers. Get out here or new Győr the bus station is surrounded by young people.

Horse head on goulash path

Aunt Eta left General Kiss in 1993. Darus was at Lenine Metallurgical Works, working on a five-ton machine at 32 meters. His lungs and his heart were not able to do the job, and after 27 years of service he was compensated. He lives in his garden, "Dandelion is beautiful to me," he says. Get Maltese food, breathe out at the retirement club, walk with them at Christmas, Easter, Day of the Dead kézműveskedik.

The story of Anna Louis Black, 76, is similar. He also moved with her husband in 1993, who had been killed a few years later, and had been punctuated. He worked in the iron laundry of the iron factory, his chest crushed his hand, it was a machine failure. O Avas they lived in a housing complex, where they moved Lyukóvölgy if it existed here, near the house of the community. "It was a very cool place at the time, there were four houses next to us, no more, cows grazing, there was a goulash in front of our house, but when someone threw a horse's head, they buried it. a trick if you climb up in fear chip communication equipment sack, paper chips, blowing the trash in the wind. "

In addition to your garden, the puzzle, or as it says, a you relax is the only fun, but has been to England several times Epson withwhere your daughter is cleaning, her grandson is a chef. "Everything is calm, there is no nervousness, very green, transportation is different, drive on the other side" – he says. They say they move, but he has no idea, he would not leave a house he did.

Pay with Talentum

Levente Tisza a educa lyukosiakatnot just to ask. It was a part of entering the house of the community that you could sign up for anything: washing machine, centrifuge, bed, food, cups, anything. "When they say it goes to me, it goes, it goes, it's so destructive," he complains. Here are also the children who want to change this world. Children can collect talent for their good deeds that can change. Talentum can do any extra task for sweeping, cleaning, anything. You can imagine what it means for a poor family with many children if at the end of the child's snow, when it is not unusual for hunger to go, two large bags of food will be at home. (The end of the snow here is a particularly sensitive period, it's no coincidence that the community club's cooking club or family day ends at the end of the snow, so there's a chance everyone will be fine.)

"We need to see the eyes of Jesus in the eyes of every person who comes to us," says Levente Tisza, who says at the February Goodness Award: "Man is work, God is glory."

What a feeling of being a gypsy

"In the summer, we take the kids to camp in a thermal spa," he says. "When we got to the camp, I boasted of being admitted, and someone commented," Levente, are you normal? There are no gypsies coming here. If you are stronger, thicker, taller, it is a guarantee of survival, but here we have very different qualities. When we enter the beach, I I also experienced what it would be like to be a gypsy after bathing.It was appreciated that children behave differently than they expected, and children had a sense of success. "

So they went back home and started all over again. Good too, too bad.

He says Levente the community house staff at midnight, occasionally having lunch before lunch. They take each other's hands, say a prayer or a gospel to go home at night and come back the next day, Lyukóba.

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