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Ferenc Gyurcsány, cooperation with Jobbik, the United States of America, his own family businesses, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, government revenge mechanism and Hungarian Hang Dobrev Klara asked how he will work in the EP.

According to Dobrev, since he announced that he started the election to parliament in government party propaganda media, he became Klara Dobrev to Gyurcsány because his goal was to see the DK as a one-man feast.

According to him, "Feri loves irony, reversing the phrase of its original meaning, showing the donkey's ear.

Why he took a political role, he said he decided after the election last year when he woke up in the morning and knocked on the face of Hungary:

So I went up with the lion for me.

He thinks people are going to politics today because "We live in a dictatorial world where power is allowed to the police and the court to use the secret services against political opponents.

Here you can be a real threat if it is an opposition.

Regarding Jobbik, he admits that he did many unacceptable things, but today he is happy to do something else and represent it.

We fight together in Parliament, if it is, we protest on a stage.

After the election, however, it is only possible to cooperate with partners who respect the dignity of all people.

"I will not listen to a sentence that criticizes any opposition party or politician," Dobrev says, which he says about the fidesz bricks built in opposition parties.

In his view, Hungary's accession to the EU "we will organize a significant part of our lives together. "

The so-called slavery issue said that he sold all his production business and that it was interesting "since then, state agencies have not whipped these companies. "

According to him, the family policy of the government is a total failure, it is no coincidence that in January the smallest children of all time were born in Hungary.

Then he tells Orbán, who is involved in the European context, that "Orban will be a big loser in history, but government-controlled media will not report a significant portion of voters.

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