Saturday , October 23 2021

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Alicia Jesopp wanted only two things when she traveled to Maine: she wanted to sample a local sandwich and wanted to see a lighthouse on the beach.

As these two things together are optimized for Instagram, he took the cell phone to take a picture. But then there was a deformed gull coming out of nowhere, asking for a seductive lobster sandwich, so the following photo was taken:

Jesopp, who is a sports lawyer professor, said that he accidentally took the picture and was only annoyed because the gull was drowned, he did not realize that he was able to capture that moment.

Later he was sure to be a thief bird because he became famous for his Twitter spill. BuzzFeed, Guardian, CNN and AP wrote about it and, in fact, NBC also fired with Jesop.

In addition to visibly enjoying the media race, the sports lawyer also uses his sudden reputation to draw the attention of the only ones to dangerous shooting situations:

I was awfully embarrassed when it happened, because we heard stories of people falling from a stone just because they tried to make the perfect image of the Insatgram, and gentleman, now I was that man!

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