Tuesday , May 11 2021

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It was a special feeling because now I was the first Hungarian public in front of the bank next door "

– so Marco Miki's captain Marco Rossi started.

In September's win over the Greeks (2-1), spectators were not allowed in the stadium on Thursday while a 2-0 win over the Estonians prompted him to be banned, so his assistant succeeded.

"It's not just a job for me.

Until March, there is a long time for the EB playoffs, so we have to get to the character who characterizes us now in the first half, "he said.

Adam's first thought was that he would not retire without a goal, then the team's assistant, Zoltán Gera.

When the TV interviewed him, he discovered that the Greeks had been caught self-proclaimed in Athens. It was super happy news that at the last moment the results were lucky.

With that, Hungary are second in the group, and the 31st place in the aggregate also means that in the playoff of 2020 there is a chance for the national team. (As long as you do not move on.)

He also said that he was responsible for the balls due to his duties, and now he scored two goals in which he contributed effectively.

"I was fortunate to be drunk because I had Juda and Kleinheisler standing on both sides, surely they would have stabbed me if they had not entered and I had not passed them"

he joked.

JUDAS also told him why he did not celebrate the audience by hugging him.

The most important thing was that they would return to their clubs with the same amount of power in March, and the EB playoffs would be reluctant to defeat him as well as their opponent. (Will be revealed on December 2).

Ádám Szalai was more pleased with his superb goal than his own.

As the team captain, he thinks it's secondary, it's more important than succeeding in a complicated new game system.

"The two wings should feel very accurate when they can advance with the attacks and when they have to recapture them, we won two games without a goal, and that should be a pleasure." He brought back, I knew that the ball then it was not hard for me. "

Balázs Dzsudzsák played in a new role behind Szalai and found that the company was hungry and motivated for success, and really did not know what to say before the game.

"We get well, things will happen, something good to get rid of. We started well, we can be happy" – summed up.

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