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Liverpool-Porto 2-0

FC Porto gave Liverpool a half-time advantage in the quarter-finals of the two teams on Tuesday in the Champions League, and it was enough for the English at home to win their first match, which gives them a good chance to move on.


Liverpool seemed to have learned from the first game of the Bayern München battles. The other issue is that Jürgen Kopp's team managed a 3-1 triumph with the setback in Munich.

Porto, on the other hand, seemed to be playing the same way as Roma, and the first game was defeated with a goal scored 2-1 and then defeated by the Italian. It was still the case that the opponent dragged 2-0, but the goal scored by the stranger could not be won by the Portuguese, so his plan was seriously interrupted.

The Pool seemed to be on the right track, aiming to decide the fight as quickly as possible, and that would not be an excuse for the retreat. Consequently, after an attack in Porto, the home team was totally captured by the initiative, which in particular failed to cope with Port protection. Alexander-Arnold's reeds played a significant role in this, and the young English backman spent most of his first half at the height of his penalty area.

Behind Arnold's position, obviously, he was tactical, not just because of the courage. Due to some great work on the right wing he should try to substitute him for Porto after a determined free kick. Besides, when Marega returned, Salah pulled her into the wind, leaving Arnold with a large area.

The first goal of the Pool was born from the snapshot of Naby Keita, but Firmino's goal was clearly on the right or left side of Porto.

There was still luck in Keita's goal:

The second goal, however, shouted after a magnetic frame, the players without ball – Salah, Mané and Milner – completely distracted the defenders of Arnold and Firmino, who scored the goal.

In the first half of the day, Porto was almost completely harmless, but it was not without major importance, and if Marega, who was completely forgotten by the defenders after a corner, did not break the ball at Allison, so it would be worrisome for the domestic and domestic crushers. in the second half. probably more memorable.

However, Marega lost his position, leaving the teams 2-0 in the locker room. Then came the second half and a game radically altered. The Pool seems to have gone to the weekend chess against Chelsea, which could be the key to the 29-year championship title, while Porto looked to have a slight chance of a 2-0 drawdown on the role. 0, however, is a psychologically different category, so he did not force him to score the goal in the unknown as expected.

It was 45 minutes clear of all that, and the biggest emotion was Liverpool at the start of the second half. So, with little exaggeration, nothing happened.

Thus, Liverpool won 2-0 in the first round of the quarter-finals and probably decided on the subject. Especially considering that Klopp's team is probably the most controversial band in the world at the moment, then Porto, who is attacking the goals, can even sprinkle with a big difference.

Tottenham-Manchester City 1-0

Tottenham have won 1-0 at Manchester City in a not-so-spectacular match. The meeting in the South Korean son decided at the end of the second half, Manchester City began the storm as usual. Most of his goals were kicked in the first quarter. He even had the chance to do that, since the 12-minute video was watched by Rose. Sergio Aguero kicked very badly, Lloris was well positioned and knocked out.


Most of the time, City took the lead. He quickly threw the Hungarian midfield, but in the third attack they were already inaccurate, so he got a small situation in front of the Spurs gate. As Tottenham did not work well with quick contractions, he was not at a high risk, but there were still some shots, but the most dangerous thing he'd been through. Dele Alli's photo was cool.

In the first half of the second half, it did not happen as much as in the first half. The teams remained cautious, but were much more inaccurate. There was little event before the gate and, above all, the lesions reached the excitement. Tottenham once again lost Harry Kane, who had to be replaced after an hour after he unfortunately left a meeting with Delph.

When everyone thought he did not see a goal in English, he went to Dad. He picked up a stray ball at the outer edge of the line, then twisted and knocked under Ederson's sinking.

The South Korean football player was injured before the incident, appeared to be replaced. He got enough. The city was trying to spin in the last ten minutes, importing Santo and De Bruyne, who were sitting on the bench, but failed to hit for the first time since January 19 at Manchester City.

(Book cover: Phil Noble / Reuters)

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