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In the first quarter of 2019, the National Department of Taxes and Customs revealed a significant tax shortage in 85 taxpayers, of which 52 companies, 33 individuals, write based on data published on the NAV website.

NAV publishes a quarterly list of taxpayers who, in their previous quorum, had a tax shortage of more than 10 million for individuals and 100 million for other taxpayers.

The biggest debtor on the list is Universum Hús Kft, headquartered in Budapest, with a debt of about HUF 2,161 billion, of which HUF 693 million corresponds to a HUF tax deficit of HUF 1,468 billion.

The second place in the current list is Bitt Kft., Also headquartered in Budapest, which requires 2.035 billion HUF from the tax authority – of which 695 million HUF tax shortages, 1,340 billion HUF fine. The third largest debtor with $ 1.732 billion is Bus Investment Kft., Also headquartered in Budapest, with a fine of 637 million HUF for a fiscal deficit of 1.095 billion HUF.

In addition to the above, three other contributors have a debt of over one billion forints: Biatorbágy Jor-Line Trading and Service Ltd. (HUF 1.133 billion), Sunnyoil Commercial Ltd. Gyor (HUF 1.082 billion) and Budapest Barole. Hungarian Trade Ltd (HUF 1.022 billion).

Together with the above, 16 taxpayers have a debt of more than 500 million HUF, including a private, other companies. According to the information published in NAV, at the end of March 2820 individuals and sole proprietors belonged to the tax authority, each with more than 10 million forints and 1463 companies and organizations, each with more than 100 million forints per 180 days continuously.

At the end of March, individuals and individual owners had HUF 28.2 billion at the threshold of HUF 10 million and organizations with HUF 100 million at USD 146.3 billion. However, the real debt is higher as there are billions of businesses and individuals that have hundreds of millions of billions in some cases against the tax authority.

Of those with more than 10 million debts, 2071 are individuals, 726 are private entrepreneurs without 23 addresses. There are 335 non-contributors, who are permanently large, and are under bankruptcy, 385 under forced cancellation, 720 under liquidation and 23 are in liquidation.

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