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The first two volumes of the Saga comic series are already available in Hungary, which is especially exciting because it seems that in addition to the great dumping of Marvel and DC, more and more attention is being paid to the work of other publishers. For example, Image Comics, which is best known for the comics of The Walking Dead, but far from being the best series of zombies on the publisher's offer, at least according to fans.

the Saga, a science fiction fantasy that knocks Star Warst from the throne of space, as if it were a weight challenge for beginners.

The story of Saga is composed of three protagonists, Alana, Marko and his son, Hazel. Their story is strange that Alana and Marko come from two distinct species, and they have to flee for their love, the whole thing is not a bit of Romeo and Juliet.

Instead of mixing the clichés, however, a perfect recipe was created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and by the design Fiona Staples, who set up an engaging comic book. Of course we could say that there is still a science fiction, but it is important to emphasize that a science fiction is usually as good as it was developed and well thought out, and the Saga has a lot of it in the last decades,

The novel Expanse and television series can only be measured in size, ingenuity and elaboration.

The combination of science fiction and fantasy, space warfare and the many different species that appear, is inevitably compared to Star Wars, which is not a problem, the writer Vaughan did when he described the comic as

Star Wars, just perverted.

And with that, he did not shoot very close to him, although obviously it was not a soft touch. And not a pornographic comedy, although it is a fact that the target audience is clearly the adult age group. This is reinforced by the fact that immediately after the first volume, Alana's breastfeeding was placed on the cover of the first volume, causing a minor scandal in the first English edition.

DGoing back to Star Wars, there is no good and bad side here that is clearly divided, and the vast space war is still in the background, although the Star Wars effect can be felt strongly in it – but they have been thinking about capturing resources.

Without the beautiful designs of Staples, of course, half of the Saga would not be so good for fans, not only: since its launch in 2012, has won a total of 12 Eisner awards, which is also called the Oscar of Comics.

For the time being, the first two volumes can be accessed by Editora Fumax, they are already numbered in 54 volumes in nine volumes, but the creators take a creative break, and in the middle of summer they definitely will not work at number 55, so there is time enough to reach the Hungarian side. and I hope that other volumes will reach Hungary sooner.

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