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From the first preview of Loudest Voice, one thing will be guaranteed to remember:

Russell Crowe, host of basil, came to the role.

The story is the story of Roger Ailes, the TV conservative who made the FOX News Channel what it is today: the Republican's number one speech and news source. There is no TV at home that can be combined with it, so you should think of a very well made but professionally flawless news TV where you can sometimes get into the racing rods, but they have muzzles.

Ailes was close to the fire in 1967, as Nixon's TV adviser, and if he could believe the legend, he discovered that there would be a 24-hour news channel (this motif goes back to Dick Cheney's film), but Nixon the TV a silly and humble entertainment tool for stupid people and did not handle the idea.

Fox News was launched in 1996, and Ailest Rupert Murdoch, owner of two successful election campaigns, had been nominated for the CEO position. He left 20 years in front of the TV, lost the Judaism, blacks, but in the summer of 2016 he had to give up after several of his subordinates accused him of harassment. He died in May 2017.

In the series, Russell Crowe pays great attention to hair and itches the hair, based on the first trailer of Ailest. The story is about Ailes' life in the days surrounding Nixon, based on a factual statement Gabriel Sherman wrote about Ailes in 2014. Other actors: Naomi Watts, Seth MacFarlane, Sienna Miller, Annabelle Wallis, Barry Watson and Josh Charles.

The home show is 99% on HBO GO.

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