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From 25 to 31 March this year, Toldi Cinema will host the International Fresh Meat Budapest Short Film Festival, which we will be presenting every year in the Index. It is also because here you can watch in Hungary short films that have already been presented at serious festivals (see Anna Buda: Anna Entropy and Luca Tóth: Mr. Lidérc) and also because they begin their careers for the works that then one way or another, but then they can gain international success. Here, for the first time, you can see Susotase, who has just come out of the Oscar nomination for the best short live, and here the audience could see for the first time the two-year-old winner.

That's why, as in recent years, we have collected some more interesting Fresh Meat movies this year.

My father's heart

Fazekas Máté Bence's film is György Dragoman The broom It is based on his tale, though much less full of action than the original work. The main protagonist is the fifty Lali (Zsolt Trill), who has a grand plan to recover his ex-wife (Annamária Láng). He decides to attack him with a heart attack so that the woman's heart can fall on him and take him back. He is also involved in the great idea of ​​being a reluctant teenager, Tom (Babinchak Atanáz). In the heart of the Father, we see a parent-child relationship in which things have developed, that the child has been more responsible, more mature and that the father is constantly shouting. No wonder poor Tomi does not want to hear from his father for at least half a year. Eventually, however, the "heart attack" does not shape family relationships as they expect it. The heart of My Father is a simple and purposeful film about the time when a boy understands that a long time ago is the support of his father, not the other way around. 10/7 (Matalin)

designed: March 29 Friday 19:00, March 30 Saturday 17:00

The mentor

The half-hour film by Szabó Szonja is one of the most special of Fresh Honey: you rarely see such a depressing, powerful, heavy and somber work of short films. The mentor, on the other hand, struggled with the first, cut throat, and would only be more difficult. The story is about a teenager with dozens in every school: her family background is troublesome, she is unpopular at school, she feels alone with her peers and anger, or she really is alone with them. But you will find someone who understands all your problems, but this is getting weirder and rude. Every half hour of the mentor was incredibly fit for everything this story needs to be: understand what a teenager's problem is, understand why manipulation can work with it, understand where such situations escape, make someone vulnerable – because it really exists, see the cases of blue whales – "mentors" and the spiritual path through which the protagonist passes. Of course, Zsófia Psotta, who looks very talented, plays a huge role, playing with elemental power and suggestion. Hardcore The mentor, in the best sense of the word, could say: "It's a shame that it did not become a feature film", but Szonó Szabó can really forge strength even with the lack. 10/9 (Bálint Kovács)

designed: Thursday, March 28, 7:00 PM, Thursday March 28, 8:00 PM, March 29 Friday 5:00 PM


Battle Hanna is a recurring director of Fresh Meat, which for some reason is irresistibly attracted to stories by the sea. In 2016, Késő's Summer was played on the shore of Lake Orfe, and a year later he worked on another summer story, his movie, Peron, was at a film production team camp. In a new movie, Balans also plays a major role in a holiday. Karola (Andrea Waskovics of Golden Life) has a great desire to be a successful DJ. It seems that the opportunity he finally came to be asked to act in Lärm. But the date of the action coincides with the holiday that was planned with her boyfriend Balázs (Zsigri Bálint). Carola must decide what is most important: her relationship or her career. The Balansz, with few words, but with many small gestures, shows the collapse of a relationship, the tiny stations of coldness. He did not want to do much, but he did what he promised. 10/6 (Matalin)

Designed: Saturday March 30th at 7:00 PM, March 30th at 8:00 PM, March 31st at 5:00 PM


Main Banality Still

Known for his ultra-fast documentary, Balázs Simonyi now has a great camera, Banality has an 11-minute setting, and one piece includes a flat interior and a confectionery shop across the street. Where something happens in the middle of the movie, which I did not want to say, but unfortunately the official photo of the film shoots the turn. But the whole thing is so dreamy (and not the most obvious in special effects) that it is difficult to understand and handle it properly. Especially because there is something in all Banality that does not seem to be the reality: the very long zoom in the confectionery building, the scenes made in the middle of the night, the computer-assisted images, the artificial statistics, the interior design of the confectionery, all seemingly would have a deliberate disposal effect. I'm not sure if this is the case, maybe I'm trying to explain what Simonyi is showing, and maybe what I see is happening and mud. According to the press, the director first thought of the idea of ​​the movie when he experienced the terrorist attack in Boston, so I'm sure his intention is honest. And it's true that my formal bravery was enough for me to look all the way to the last minute of the chart. 10/6 (Klagen)

Designed: Saturday March 30, 7:00 PM, March 30 Saturday 8:00 PM, Sunday 31 March


Of Casting, the director, Sándor Csoma, already is developing the cinematographic version. This is great news because in this movie there is an opportunity to have an entire movie of the night. It's about something that's going on around us, about which we need to talk, even if we want to turn our heads. The main protagonist of the film is an 18-year-old girl, Julie (a treasure trove by Blénesi Kincső), who lives with her brother in a poor mining town. Applying for a selection of templates that soon ends up being porncasting. A Dutchman like Pierre Woodman (Gijs Naber) is looking for younger, more innocent girls. Juliet does not want to hear the thing at first, but eventually she'll undress without a camera. Of course he's cheating, but it's just the beginning of his ordeal. One of Casting's important roles is former porn star Michelle Wild (now Katalin Horváth). Not because of his past, he was a super choice, but because every gesture, every sentence is perfectly in place. And while she proves to Julia that the life of the porn actors is free and exciting, something quite different in her eyes. We're going to make the movie come out of Casting. 10/10 (Matalin)

Designed: Wednesday, March 27, 7:00 PM, March 27, 8:00 PM, Thursday, March 28, 5:00 PM


Balázs Lengyel, Lajko – Cigány, in his short film, reunited the main characters of the Love Movie, Judit Halász and András Bálint, fifty years later. They play the nice couple of doctors, Veronica and Tibor. Veronika is preparing a special surprise for her husband's birthday: she asked a prostitute on the internet (Dora Starenki). However, the planned trio does not disappear as Veronika imagined. The triple bee is teeming with good humor, little jokes, and great actor gestures as Judith Halasz, who is about to light up, throws her on to be a lung therapist anyway. A doctor remains a doctor in all situations, and well-educated, sensitive, and interested people in all situations can have an educated conversation. In Threesome, we were only twelve minutes long, we would have gone much further. 10/8 (Matalin)

designed: Wednesday, March 27, 7:00 PM, March 27, 8:00 PM, Thursday, March 28, 5:00 PM


The short film by Rozália Szeleczki is a good example of how worthwhile to go to the obligatory task in a year of sweaty memories: she wrote the Rozgonyi ballad as part of the Golden Memorial Year for her husband, fighting for the battle and winning, but with the story just to say. , metaphorically linked to gold. Here, the actors do not go into battle, or at least not: somehow, the bride is accompanied by her fiancée for her bachelor party, so she can find out she is much taller than her husband. And almost everything is good in the film: Franciska Törőcsik brings one of the best ways of her life as an ever new, shy, cool girl who always reveals her new side, and the sadness of drunken friends is absolutely realistic, though the genre be the hardest to avoid fabulous). Just the point, it's missing: Rozgonyin does not really know or want to say more about the fact that there are women who have the so-called masculine qualities and there are men who do not have one. But in this very basic proposition, he does not think anymore, so the viewer does not know what is interesting. 10/6 (Bálint Kovács)

designed: Wednesday, March 27 at 3:00 p.m.

paper Interference

Márton Szirmai is very in touch with the screws in the movies that can change the tone in a second, especially from the cool to the beautiful and emotional (the best example is the Legend). After years of funny documentary documentary of recent years, he returned to that "genre" again with his drama, and again he is very good at it. The protagonist of Role Disruption is a fallen actor looking for his bread to throw other people on his behalf: a homeless seriously ill, to have the chief doctor check the medical or HR students if the boss does not want to kick his people. So far, this is the coolest part of Zoltan Friedenthal's bite illustration – and then the turnaround comes when it turns out, in a second, that in fact they are all the silent failures of life, decades of inability to communicate for life and incurable. But good humor remains in the serious parts, while Sirius uses good animal poems with loose wrist and, moreover, on the other hand, thematic suggestions of joy to watch. 10/8 (Bálint Kovács)

Designed: Saturday March 30th at 7:00 PM, March 30th at 8:00 PM, March 31st at 5:00 PM

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