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I'm taking my horse to the old town. It starts with the number of Lil Nas X released in December, which is currently the most popular in the United States on the Billboard Hot 100 charts two weeks ago, behind some like Jonas Brothers or Ariana Grande, but even Billie Ellish, 17, it's there, falling behind. The Old Town Road does not have a full two minutes, but it took months to put it – and a perfect understanding of how the modern popularity of the Internet works.

But first listen together:

Super not? Short, direct, with a little slump in the beginning, Lil Nas X's voice is enough to be a teenager to let everyone leave her, anyone can tell her, she's still traveling on this journey. Yeah, and Gucci's hat and Wrangler's pants. It's all fun, mix the trap with country-pop elements and you can hum. But let's look in detail.

Lil Nas X, Montero Lamar Hill was born in 1999. She spent her teenage ring mostly on the Internet, which is not such a big number because I also did it. Hill, on the other hand, gathered a huge Twitter audience by merging two methods: one was a huge fan of Nicki Minaj entering the online circle of similar Minaj fans (this was called NasMaraj's profile); he was delayed, or he himself created a clearly unexpected but enormous popularity. A couple of years ago a post that had a birthday party for his dog became a terrible popular, but no one came, so his dog was sad. Hill later admitted that it was a whole camouflage, but that was obviously all the time. Another great viral success of the NasMaraj profile was that he discovered the so-called "scenario tweets," which practically implemented the principle of Adventure, Game, Risk Books on the platform, meaning a story often associated with school shootings. the reader can choose how to go about the story.


Twitter then deactivated bee profiles on an industrial scale, almost spam-like profiles, NasMaraj had to close, so he looked at another fun and the germ of Old Road Town began, but now we have to go back a bit to the Nine Inch Nails .

Horse Riding And Boobies

Trent Reznor's band released their Ghosts album cycle in 2008, consisting of four almost instrumental albums. The essence of the albums, however, was that they were released under the Creative Commons license, meaning they were virtually free to use, they could be grown with just one imagined. That's what YoungKio called producer, who heard the composition of the 34 Ghosts IV in it, and thought he was hm, speeding up, punching and having a ready base. YoungKio then puts the final base on a page where you can search for similar beats and buy them without a name. In December 2018, Lil Nas X bought, but the two sides did not know each other, and even X did not know that the base was Nine Inch Nails. Trot Reznor and Atticus Ross are already listed on Spotify's track list, which means that for the first time in NIN's history, two band members have reached the top of the pop list.

But it will only come later, the story is still there that Lil Nas X just sent the song to SoundCloud, and then began to promote it as a meme in his own words. On the one hand, Redditen worked very hard with her, for example, one of her entrances was asking what number is in her text, "Take my horse to the old town road"? On the other hand, the song was added to TikTok, a community site with huge popularity among teenagers whose essence is that people do funny, memorable and viral things for certain songs. Old Town Road was ideal for this, especially if you only heard a few seconds, typically when the beat hits the beginning of the track.

And as it should be in the second half of the 2010, the new challenge came: the essence of the YeehawChallenge (the exclamation mark of yee haw cowboys) was that TikTok users started listening to Lil Nas X and then the drums started, they were hopp, they met in cowboy clothes. Yes, I also know how absurd it is to explain a word among teenagers on a socially unused social site, so here is a selection of them:

Unlike most major press challenges, the YeehawChallenge does not compromise anyone's physical integrity, does not need to climb behind Will Smith to the Chain Bridge, does not have to run around in an open car, does not absorb cinnamon or perform other similar idiots , but simply a video to stop recording at a certain point and dressing in flannel and cowboy hat. Never worse.

Gucci Cowboy Hat, Wrangler On My Booty

YeehawChallenge and Old Town Road, on the other hand, made a big difference in pop culture: by 2018, the country and western style became more and more accentuated. The most popular video game of the year was the Wild West Life Simulator Red Dead Redemption 2. The Grammy Award for Best Album of the Year was given to Kasey Musgraves' critically acclaimed countrypop. One of the most respected rock albums of the year is the Japanese Mitski, titled Be The Cowboy. The germs of the phenomenon can already be discovered: Justin Timberlake took flannel and jeans and went out into the desert for a bad album. Lady Gaga left her make-up and scandal for Joanna's album. Beyonce sang with Dixie Chicks from your father in dad's lessons. Legendary motorcycle Kanye West-Kim Kardashianes clips on a moody wild horse.

And the cowboy style has become increasingly prominent in black culture. Designer houses such as the new collections of Pyer Moss or Telfar feature leather pants, jeans and infamous hats. Beyonce's sister, Solange, also wore hats to promote her new album. Ciara is in her fashion. The phenomenon then got its name: "Yeehaw Agenda" was invented by Bri Malandro, whose meaning is more or less when black pop culture meets the traditionally white world of the cowboys and uses its iconography. In the profile of Trickster on Instagram, he systematically collects these cases, which may be familiar to those who grew up at the turn of the millennium: Destiny's son, Lil Kim, Mary J. Blige, Janet Jackson wore a cowboy hat.

Trickster based his observation only on aesthetics and did not care about the historical context. But historians say that the (only) white cowboy is actually a myth: after the abolition of slavery, a quarter of the cattle ranchers were black. Although the rodeos did not liberate black knights for racial reasons until the 1960s, until emancipation, a parallel alliance with black cowboys arose. The significance of the historical background is that the western dress of the black stars is not a powerful gesture of racism, but a tribute to specific traditions.

Respect, this is not a country

In May 2019, Old Town Road was added to Billboard's three different lists, thanks to its online success: the Hot 100, the R & B chart and the list of countries. But for the latter only for a short period of time because he drew the Billboard on a dog, according to an official announcement because he was examined and simply not considered sufficient for the country. According to them, there are references to the country and the cowboys, but it is not enough of the current country music to be in the first position.

The decision certainly has a read as if Billboard kept the boundary between music and did not allow you to come from a different area, especially if it was a country considered as white music. But the withdrawal was definitely a delay for Lil Nas X, which took a hit from the press – and an unexpected contributor.

It is a common phenomenon that if a lesser known number becomes a little popular, a famous man with a remix done by him will be displayed on the one hand to show his talent and show his audience and on the other hand will keep the eyes in the new titans. . Drake was doing this with ILoveMakonnen, but Justin Bieber jumped to Despacito when he just broke up. However, on Old Town Road, after a scandal in the country, a man seemed to have been told by some: Billy Ray Cyrus, father of Miley Cyrus, the countrypop of 1992, Achy Breaky Heart. Well, not a Willie Nelson or a Chris Stapleton or a Tim McGraw, but a gesture that a well-known and brilliant face made Lil Nas X not be a stranger. The other question is that Cyrus almost does not need the number because it's perfect despite all the Internet bites.

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