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The Favorites Cemetery is not a terribly awful horror because the dead are coming back, or because the children's scalp is gathering adults who do not care. In one of Stephen King's major works, it is frustrating to talk about the things that everyone thinks about, and in earthly bloody events the decision is made that we would do the same. Or at least be very tempted to do so.

As the protagonist of the 1983 novel attracts the opportunity, the sour land in the old Indian property, besides the pet graveyard, should not enter. Because this sour land brings back the dead buried there.

It gives you the chance to avoid what makes everyone the best:

confronting death, accepting death, suing the one we love and no more.

Not really a horror about it, but Stephen King's novel is very good at psychotrichics. It is difficult for the ungodly to accept death, even if it is not "logical," if he dies, who should have lived for a long time or if we were responsible for what. But still you have to accept, otherwise we will die, at least metaphorically. Or in the Favorites Cemetery, it's not metaphorically. But, of course, this decision, the reconstruction of death, comes at a price. Very high price.

That novel of the new King, written by great drawings of souls, was not even a bigger throw, is partly done by King scriptwriter: In 1989, he himself wrote the novel and made a crazy movie that was probably more damaging to the Roman of that anyone else could have made his book. It is true that it was not King's scenario that did it, but rather the poor creation of actors, technical solutions that were thieves for thirty years, and usually not before, and since then the video director of Mary Lambert has never been so long-lasting .

Now, three decades later, the young directors, Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer, did not want to remedy the error of the time, but a fanfiction, based on the foundations of the original story, but in several revolutions wrote a fundamentally different version. It is only difficult to understand why: by changing the most important points, they also made the whole story more profound and metaphorical.

However, the film is far from being that way since 1989, even if it is not so remarkable to mention it in ten or even a year. There are, however, some scenes where there is potential. For example, when the idea of ​​an animal cemetery first appears, and viewers still do not know what it is: then frighteningly strange little girls wearing primitive animal masks are walking in the woods, beating like members of a sickly extremist sect, and this scene also they are photographed, they are caught in the background scenes, the compositions with the fog, the trees that scratch the sky, so that the blood in the man falls. And the basic theme of the ancient Indian cemetery, the mysterious Wendigo that occupies dead souls, would have allowed the dead to re-incorporate the film into the cowboy, due to the extraordinary ritual, but the directors in the remaining hundred minutes they approach the whole much more enigmatically or without bluntness.

The story is about a family of Stephen King, first two smiling and happy parents and two smiling and happy children, and of course a cat that goes to a typical family home in Stephen King (and of course Maine) to evade rotation metropolitan The house also has a large estate, with a pet graveyard, and a vertical barricade next door, which later reveals what unsuspecting, smiling, and even unsmiling families would keep. This is one end of the property and the other is a busy highway where huge trucks that never run before slow down causing frustration to parents grazing cats and toddlers in the garden.

The biggest virtue of the film by Kölsch and Widmyer is that he is not content with the story because the creators think this King story is more than just a chore in which little boys like Chucky jump under the bed in the dark. It is no coincidence that the eternal movie theorem is

sometimes it is better for the dead to remain dead.

This is so good


IMDB: 6.9

Rotten Tomatoes: 82%

Metacritical: 69

Index: 6,5 / 10

Everyone has a relationship with death, and the conversations about him get a lot of emphasis in the film: the wife of the old omnipotent neighbor has long been dead in this version, the mother has been traumatized forever by a serious childhood memory, the girl is in this When you first ask about death and the doctor, the father, move to a quiet and peaceful town, the practice begins with a brutal and fatal accident. And so it becomes clear that the main issue in this film is how to deal with the idea of ​​the inevitability, injustice and unpredictability of death, and what coping strategies we have, or if not, how that will ruin our lives. And there is such a good scenario that these theoretical-psychological parts should not be missed and justified.

And the organizers are good professionals with regard to the elements of horror: the favorite cemetery will not be the scariest movie we've ever seen, it probably will not fit into this year's list of fears, but everything works: where to be scared, frightened must be shaking, shaking, at least sometimes there are excessively cohesive parts like lightning and thunder in the ancient Indian graveyard, which is so much a motive that could have been transferred to a parody of terror without change. However, it is a very nice gesture that the organizers deliberately summon the emblematic scenes of the previous film with respect and thought.

Just by changing the story, it is difficult to start and, from now on, SPOILER (if it can be called anything after it is in black and white in preview). In this version, it is not the boy who dies, but the older girl with him, so it is not only a killing machine without words, but a girl who is aware of her own situation and always keeps talking. And the only minor problem is that it is very stupid when the girl who came back from death says that "his wife is in hell, I was there and I saw her." The biggest problem is that the motivations are completely transformed from now on

from now on the film is not about what it has been (and about what the novel is), but … I have no idea what. Anything.

The fact that the dead girl does not like being dead and does not like how life is received by the living, does not like it and so on. And with this spiritual dilemma, it's hard to say how dead a girl is that her mother does not like being dead. But these parts can not go deeper than that – and because the whole movie is ending, the question is, anyone who has not read the novel will begin to think like what the basic story wanted to think. and not just a pristine history without any underlying content.

Perhaps the good word for it is that they have confused the deeper meaning of the story, but that it is buried. But in a land where he will never return according to his order and manner. However, in this case it would have been better if the dead were not dead.

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