Incredible prices are approaching – merchants are doing everything


Three weeks and here is Black Friday. A new record is born as the November box of online stores approaches 60 billion forints. In addition, scammers need to be met – warned.

For traders, the stakes are high, since Black Friday is a good start, and the Christmas market in December is also buyer-backed, "wrote the trading specialist.

More traditional traders will also announce the action on Black Friday. Customers are ready for this moment because they know that the most tempting action is waiting for their orders in the virtual stores, calculate their money, wait for big deals. So most of the online shopping in November is tied to some reductions.

See what we do:

  • You always have to make sure the existence of a web store if it is not known, so it is also mandatory to indicate a lot of information on the website of the virtual store, especially the contact details.
  • Worth seeing if it is cheaper somewhere else. There were times when it was not a real deal, only the price was printed on the above price, so they were sold for the old price.
  • Do not buy an invoice without a payment certificate.
  • After 15 days of purchase you can stop buying without justification, the money will be returned completely.
  • Find out what you need to do after 15 days of mandatory withdrawal after 24 December.
  • The possibility of a quality claim is not deprived of payment. estimates that by 2018, Web traffic in November could reach 60 billion forints in the convenience store (food and merchandise) at a favorable price in November 2017 (virtual store revenue of 46 billion forints in November 2017).

The scale of actions is not the same and there is a large spread in a virtual store. However, the buyer's benefit can be estimated at HUF 15-20 billion.


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