In the heart of Toyota's hottest heart is a test drive BMW – Toyota GR Supra


The new Supra is made in Austria and would not have been born without German help. Bitang is a good sports car, but beyond its shape, there were few Japanese characters.

They have been running for ten years to be a new Supra, but only in January this year.
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Perhaps Toyota had not cut the new Supra if the company's chief executive, Tojoda Akio, was not a passionate pilot who, in the mid-2000s, drove his driving skills with a Supra at the Nürburgring. He made a deep impression on the boss that the A80, which is a decade old constructionaccompanied the newest and most powerful sports cars, perhaps he has decided not to leave the famous series of models without his descendants.

Tojoda Akio proudly hides GR Supra at the Detroit Motor Show. The GT4 race was introduced last yearSource: Joe Wilssens Photography / Mike Marcotte

He considers Toyoda's personal mission to make Toyota, often accused of being boring, exciting, which is why brand cars are becoming more and more popular, which is why the GT86 and Yaris GRMN were built and have their own. factory team at WEC and WRC. The sporting activity of Toyota is gathered by Gazoo Racing, founded some years ago, with the first Supra in the street That's why the combination of letters GR is now in the name of the car.

Supra is 40 pounds lighter than the Z4, although it is 1.5 tons without 5 poundsPhoto: Péter Gulyás (Origo)

Had to work together

Nowadays, the development of a sports car, even the largest automaker in the world, is a serious business if you want to profit from it. This market is tightly constrained, with stricter, emission limiting and volume rules, and such a model requires many specific components that can not be taken from cheap mass-produced cars. In its turn, if two companies share the cost, math can come out and Toyota has had experience with it since the GT86 was developed with Subaru.

BMW was chosen as a partner

All of the old Supra was powered by a nose engine and a rear wheel, and its engine could not have been six-cylinder in series, since the first two generations essentially set it apart from the four-cylinder Celica. When looking for a partner to develop a new generation, only a company with a rear-wheel drive platform and such an engine could reach it – it is not by chance that BMW signed the agreement in 2012 with the Germans.

Originally, the Germans wanted to develop something more spacious with cooperation, but Toyota, which was already running for the development of the floor, insisted that the new Supra could only be a true sports car, not a large soft tourism.

Supra should be twice as big without the help of the Germans, and would have lasted from 3 to 4 years. Until then, there will be rules so strict that virtually no voice, which is a basic requirement for a sports car. Although the components are largely commonplace, BMW and Toyota independently developed their own car, and engineers have not run the other manufacturer's prototypes in the years to come, although this does not really look like the end result.

In Supa, BMW had the option to solve the problem of floorboard and engine with a course, but had to compromise because the sister model, the Z4 is a compact two-seat roadster, not a 2 + 2 seats, mid-sized sports car like the old Suprars. That's why it was the new generation A90 is 13.5 inches shorter than the old (4.38 m), So there was no space for the rear seats.

The wheelbase of 2.47 meters is even smaller than Yaris's, so it looks great.Photo: Péter Gulyás (Origo)

The other appointment that had to be made was to use the Z4 automatic transmission, not a manual or dual clutch machine, but a real sports car. Where 500 Nm is available, there are eight extra levels, So in manual mode we just get lost in the many gears and the last one is good for the highway. Supposedly, toyots are already considering introducing a six-speed manual transmission (for example, BMW M2 would be perfect), but the final decision will only be made after an accurate assessment of the needs.

Supra's rear wing is so complex that it goes beyond the limits of what can be achieved in series productionPhoto: Péter Gulyás (Origo)

How does this look?

The design is completely different from the BMW Z4, and it does not seem that many people realize that the Supra and the roadster are closely related. Certainly none of the classical beauties, the Germans are angular, the Japanese voted for curved and rounded forms, for me the latter comes better, but it is a matter of taste.

The fixed steel roof makes the body stiffer than BMW's, the factory also beats the Lexus LFA based on carbon and the GT86 is 2.3 times larger.Photo: Péter Gulyás (Origo)

Live, I liked the Pharaoh of Supra, and its special proportions are wide, flat and short at the same time. What I did not like, however, is that there are many openings (the door, the hood and the bumper) that are too far from the air intake and do not have a real function. It was a shame to live with such solutions, because the design would be quite remarkable without them.

Heads are in many places just because of visionPhoto: Péter Gulyás (Origo)

What have inside?

First of all, I was impressed by how deep I sat, and despite the small window surfaces – with a sports car pattern – you look great in every direction. The driving position is a classic sports car in front of the driver, the engine compartment reaches infinity, the seat is essentially above the rear axle, the steering wheel is upright and can be pulled correctly.

BMW steering and switches, the seat position is too deep, the steering could be lowerPhoto: Péter Gulyás (Origo)

The interior is pure BMW, most parts come from the German shelf, but almost all of them have Supra more than a generation than Z4, which is the most surprising in the steering wheel and in the air panel. At least Toyota has changed the fantastic graphics of its BMW digital dashboard, but left the great iDrive as it is, by which we can only thank our Japanese menu systems.

The dashboard was designed by Toyota for its own graphics, much more beautiful than the BMWSource: Toyota

What is different from Z4?

The differences between Supra and Z4, in addition to the design, are mainly tuning, Toyota has adjusted the settings of electric power steering, suspension, derailleur, stabilizer and rear differential active according to the taste of your mouth. The turbocharged three-liter engine with variable control Its power of 340 hp is as much as the Z4 M40i.

Fortunately at Toyota, they thought they would go fast with this car, so the headrest integrated headrests had the right side support, and even in the gimbal tunnel and the doors, there was good cushioning for the knees.Photo: Péter Gulyás (Origo)

This harness may be less disappointed with Supra fans as the new Honda NSX and the Nissan GT-R have played more than 500 horsepower since then, but there is no doubt that the tuning companies are already working hard on the solution. That's why 340 horsepower is not enough one hundred sprint lasts only 4.3 seconds just 0.1 seconds away from the most important competitor, the 350 hp Porsche 718 Cayman S.

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