In four countries there are rumors that OTT-One is Sony


OTT-One and Columbia Pictures Corporation Limited listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange cooperated. According to the agreement, the Hungarian IT company will be the technology server of Sony Corporation, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation, the online video viewer "Sony Networks" in Hungary, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Poland and Romania.

OTT-One Plc. It is a new company with video streaming solution. Columbia Pictures Corporation Limited, a Sony Corporation subsidiary for film production and distribution, has now collaborated with Hungarian IT through its collaborative partner. Under the agreement, OTT-One will be the first technology provider of the "Sony Networks " the four countries of the Central European region: Hungary, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Poland and Romania.

"On-demand video streaming plays a huge role in software solutions both in terms of efficient hardware utilization and continuity of service continuity.This agreement also confirms that OTT-One's streaming technology expertise Nyrt is not only in Hungary but is also competitive in the international market, "said Bálint Májer, the company's CEO and chairman.

OTT-One Nyrt has entered into a long-term strategic agreement with the TV2 Group for one month in the development and operation of Spíler Extra; they want to create content live on mobile devices primarily on the surface. For more than three years, the company has provided the technological know-how of Telenor's MyTV service, serving the telecommunications company and its users with exceptional international quality.


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