In a letter, Orbán is asked to tell János Pócs why "no man, no official can treat a mayor."


"On behalf of our association, we are interpreting our deepest indignation and, at the same time, we propose initiating the resignation of Janos Pócs as a member of the party," wrote Jenő Seté, activist of Setet, our president, in his letter addressed to Viktor Orbán . He also posted a post on his Facebook page:

"However, we sincerely hope that their actions have political consequences, because we hope that the country still has to live with a single man, no official, a mayor, a representative, a public figure, and we trust the explanation" The video is regrettable "is not enough and is not acceptable."

According to Setet, "János Pócs's act is not explained by displeasure that the person who suffered the trauma was his friend, even asking for the video itself. It is not because the person died, so" he is not in a position to refute personally the allegations of János Pócs. "He adds:

"Protecting human dignity, 74 years after the Holocaust burns the victims, we have a shared and Christian responsibility."

A video made in 2008 by János Pócs, a local government official at the time, and a parliamentarian at the time, came alive in the days of setting fire to a gypsy official. In the video, the man squats in a boiler laden with flammable material and says that Pócs is angry with what he is drinking. Poke puts a sheet of paper in the kettle, then closes the door to the man who screams and says he will learn that he should not drink.

Pecs admitted to 444 on Friday that he was listening to the video and said the recording was made at the request of the gypsy man and that it should be a joke. The protagonist was called the friend of the video and said that he had died since then.




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