If you still need eggs, here is the solution – complicated price in Auchan


The price of the piece can be forgotten, the price of the pound is decisive. Illustration of Easter eggs.

Despite the fact that it has been mandatory to have a kilo price for eggs for years, it is still often the price of the piece. However, the latter can be misleading, because the S size egg is 43 grams, but the size L 63 grams.

According to all the food price comparison pages, the only net stores open on Saturdays within a four-day weekend were made in a variety of sizes and promotional prices.

The Auchan came up with a tricky solution: it has a 30-piece action pack for $ 900, or a 30-forint piece. At the same time, there are "M" and "L" eggs in the "set", so the price is $ 476-565, so there is no exact price.

You can go for Eggs Sparba M, 10 for 279 forints and pounds for 526 forints. Lidl and Penny also came out with a price of 520 forints ($ 280 per 10 M of eggs). The unit price will reach 555 forints in Aldiba, as the 18 million eggs will give the chain of stores 530 forints.

Tesco competed with the aforementioned 30 pieces of S eggs, sold for 800 HUF. However, the price of the pound is 620 forints, so the most expensive eggs in this chain stores are the eggs on offer.

You can read about how chemists believe that eggs should be baked and what is a bag of eggs in this article.


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