Idn is the fingerprint reader on the display


And large groups are developing, as traditional sensors are faster and more accurate.

Br has noted for a while, and the Android node also shuffles Apple by focusing on the face detector and, in the recent past, facial recognition has been placed on the access points, and all fingerprint fingerprints moved to Android are concentrate. This solution is not a jdonsg in the category.

Unfortunately, the mg technology is not complicated, since conventional sensors are more accurate and faster. However, according to Digitimes, the time will be the slider that was printed.

Forr – AndroidPIT

The reason for this is that these panels are being launched and the trend continues. If all goes well, then all the cooler models, that is, the kppc category, are just like that. This will cause the LCD screen to disappear at the same time.

Hopefully, the knocked-out fingerprint reader will look better and more accurate, since the Nokia 9 PureView sensor has been so spoiled that mg of a rggumi package will be released from the controller.


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