Monday , October 25 2021

Huawei's own operating system is already running on one million phones


In recent weeks, Huawei's internal operating system, called HongMeng OS / Ark OS, has been heard several times in recent weeks and, according to the latest information, can be submitted between August and September. What you may know about it so far, here we collect.

China Daily Fresh Information per the work is happening, very,

that one million pieces of smartphones were sent for testing by the new HongMeng OS.

The Rosenblatt Securities Brokerage Company in China in a supply chain report wrote about the operating system that is compatible with all Android applications and created advanced security enhancements to protect personal data.

Head of Consumer Affairs at Huawei Ju Chengdong He said the mobile software that will be introduced early this fall or next spring will be run on smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions and smart handheld devices.

The South China Morning Post previously reported that the system is in place since 2012, once the Chinese consider Android excessive, and then they started working on their own solution, which could be less vulnerable to Google in the future.

Huawei does not do a small job of cutting a slice of the mobile market dominated by Android and iOS. To know about the final name, it will appear in China as ArkOS, while in the rest of the world the name of HongMeng OS will probably be based on trademarks.

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