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Before the job interview, you should not only prepare for the job, but also think carefully about what you are doing. In addition to experience, skills, personality and behavior, it is also a matter of great importance to the candidate's dress.

Perhaps most people find that combining dark pants, skirt or a shirt with restrictions will certainly not be able to film, but Anna Wintour, chief editor of Vogue Americana, has a different opinion.

The perfect set for the job interview

Vogue in the Go Ask Anna video series the fashion grandmother He always answers the questions of the readers, and now he was asked, among other things, how to dress for a job interview. Anna Wintour gave her some unusual answers. You can hear your answer about 1:59 in the video.

He told her that it was very interesting to him how people dressed when they were interviewed. They often feel that they wear pieces that were only brought to that occasion and apparently do not fit their personality. However, he does not think this is a good idea. He thinks that in all cases, it should be borne in mind that the company does not represent the wardrobe, nor the clothes will do the chores, but themselves. So it encourages people to choose sets that fit their styles and individualities, where they do not feel uncomfortable, feel uncomfortable because they dress. They should not dress in forced clothes, but show who they really are.

The article continues after the recommendation

He told me that there was a young man he would never forget, because he had put him on the job interview in a long suit with a woman's purse. And the job was given, probably because he dared take on himself, his style and was perfect for the position advertised. So it seems that according to Anna Wintour Рsome surprise Рthe dress is not the essence of the interview, and in her opinion, clich̩ black skirt-white high-heeled shirt are not a good choice. At least then, certainly not if the person does not feel good in them.

Wearing jeans at work

Jeans are a decisive part of the locker room, so it is no wonder that many people find life unimaginable without it. Although corporate culture nowadays allows the use of jeans in most places, no matter how they are combined. In our compilation, we show negotiable jeans, including prices. To really be what you choose.


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