The shooters also beat up his Hungarian girlfriend.

The two former gunmen who, along with their third companion, beat a Hungarian man and a Cuban-born girlfriend who was considered a refugee in Szeged, received a suspended prison in 2015, according to RTL Klub.

Then the girl was severely abused, a video of the attack was made. The accused first-class initially denied, finally admitted that he had beaten first. According to the news of the time, the assailant was tied up in his immigrant friend, calling her to stay out of the country.

Then there was a video about the case, which did, said: "Two or three people had a full strength, I have not seen a girl yet.Then I took the camera." The attack happens in Újszegedi Partfürdő, where the company joins The girl tried to explain in vain that her friend was a Hungarian citizen, but in vain.

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