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He managed to highlight the mermaid of the Danube


The Mermaid ship sinking on May 29 at the Margit bridge in Budapest was detached and placed on a barge. Our article is constantly updating.

Our article is constantly updating.

The ship got bored

They completely lifted the Mermaid's wreckage from the water, performing this operation with two winches, which meant that the ship was lifted to the adjacent barge to be transported. First, the nose of the ship was lifted and then the back of the wreck was adjusted.

For now, there is no information that additional corpses have been found, "said the public media correspondent." The divers are no longer diving, the ship is completely in the barge, and the ship will be taken by the police, who will carry out further investigations and verifications on site.

He had to tie another handle to the ship.

He had to tie another strap to the mermaid because he found an injury on the right side of the ship, "he said in M1. On M1, they said the highlight was made difficult by the mermaid running under the barge.

Sándor Götz, a naval engineer, said that damage on board is not a barrier to continuing the spotlight. It was also said in M1 that among the bodies found there is the only child sacrifice. Sándor Pintér, Interior Minister, is also at the rescue site.

Four bodies were removed from the wreck

Four corpses were brought by divers from the Mermaid shipwreck on Tuesday from 8 am to 8 pm, the MTI correspondent said.

Divers are looking for four more Mermaid passengers.

Captain: There was no danger on the radio

None of the navigation radio channels were in danger during the Danube wreck on May 29, Zoltán Tolnay, captain of the ship, said on M1 that he was also on duty on the Danube during the tragedy.

They did not see the concrete bump, they were under the Chain Bridge, and on the radio they first heard people are in the water – he said. The seven people were rescued professionally, "he added.

He also pointed out that the Viking Sigyn should have begun to communicate with the smaller Mermaid. Zoltán Tolnay said that the sailors were deeply shaken by the events.

New steel wires are protected by professionals for the Mermaid wreck (Photo: MTI / Márton Mónus)

Secretary-General of the Federation of Passenger Ship Operators: Saving human life is always a priority

The sailors are prepared for a possible catastrophe, following the exact instructions in the given situation, said Imre Horváth, General Secretary of the Naval Passenger Association at M1. In all cases, saving lives is a priority.

He also talked about many people asking why authorities were only briefly informed about the accident a few minutes later. He emphasized that when the Mermaid sank, first responders saved people in the water, as they had to act as quickly as possible. Water can hit people, sway, swallow a lot of water, be subjected to extreme physical stress, so every minute counts – he emphasized.

He believes he will continue to travel with more boat safety, like walking. This is also illustrated by the fact that the most recent history of Hungary is the II. During World War II, a ship exploded because of a well, but no accidents have occurred since. He added that ship traffic has increased in recent years, but the alliance is working to limit them to busier sections according to appropriate rules.

It may take six hours to save

The live transmission of the operation, M1, cost six hours according to preliminary information.

Referring to Nándor Jasenszky, head of the Department of Social Relations at the Center for Combating Terrorism, the M1 correspondent said that the most critical point of the operation would be when the hull was lifted from the bottom of the bed.

He said the operation would consist of several stages, during which the ship would be tracked several times.

Members of the rescue tribute pay homage to the corpse of a mermaid's wreck (Photo: MTI / Zoltán Máthé)

A part has already appeared on the surface

A part of the ship has already appeared on the surface. According to preliminary information, when the captain's bridge emerges, they stop with the elevator, and a firefighter explores the area where the captain was staying at the time of the accident. If you discover a corpse, the main thing is to bring it up. Then the lavatory and the staircase leading to the engine room are inspected and a new lift is done, followed by pumping.

It is envisaged that the vessel will be detached in four stages, which should be used throughout the morning.

(Photo: MTI / Zoltán Máthé)

The wreck will be placed on a barge

According to the information on the site of the MTI correspondent, the ship is first lifted on the captain's bridge, then down to ground level, then on the water line, and then the entire vehicle is brought to the surface and placed on the front barges.

The Bridge of the Damaged Captain of the Mermaid (Photo: MTI / Balázs Mohai)

During each phase, divers enter the hull to remove objects, pieces of furniture and objects that cover the bodies. Authorities are also poised to capture Mermaid's potentially spilled fuel, as there are 1400 liters of diesel oil in the hull – the MTI was reported on the spot.

Clark Adam Crane Highlights The Mermaid

The mermaid was built in 1949, the ship is 27.2 meters long, 4.8 meters wide and 5.2 meters high, weighing 50 tons. To highlight the Komarom tour boat on Friday, Adam Clark is able to lift 200 tons.

(Photo: MTI / Balázs Mohai)

The Ukrainian captain of the ship-hotel Viking Sigyn, faced with the Mermaid, was suspected and arrested as suspected of alleged misconduct by a ship that caused a mass fatality.

The ship is a crime scene.

The site of the Crime Mermaid, sunk in the sinking of the Danube, said Georg Spöttle, an expert on M1 security policy. The main task is to highlight the dead, "added Georg Spöttle.

Sándor Götz, a naval engineer, said he believed both ships had to be a vessel tracking system and a communication device with which they could communicate with each other.

There should also be an archiving system that records GPS data as well.

According to him, these data should be compared with the communications of the two ships in order to find out, among other things, why Viking Sigyn returned after the accident and why he left.

The Mermaid cruise ship sailed the evening of May 29, near the Margaret Bridge, after colliding with the ship-hotel Viking Sigyn. There were 35 on board, 33 South Korean citizens and two Hungarian officials. Seven passengers were rescued, eight were still looking for: seven South Korean passengers and the Hungarian captain of the cruise ship.

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