He left Halads in Debrecen


The dlutn t mrkzst on Saturday was played in the 29th round of voting OTP Bank League: The most famous glnlkli played with the Honvés de Budapest at the Szusza Ferenc Stadium. Pusks Akadmia defeated Mezkvesd 1-0, but mg fell to Disgyr 1-0 for Paks in Miskolc. MTK Budapest lost 1-0 to Kisvrdt at Hidegkuti Nndor Stadium in the last Halads series, won a chrome match at Debrecen 2-1, and Ferenc Horvth turned to the vge with a turn in rt . .

Third, two ppen battles were struck at the Szusza Ferenc Stadium: the 46-point bronze runner won 40 points and Honvard. The kupaeldnts were winning the championship in the league, winning once, and knowing that if they escaped, they could only play with the Hungarian Cup player.

Jpesters started the game better, they could have gained the lead in the 13th minute, but Zstr Dont scored 25 mterrf out of Grf Dvid. A minute later, the Honvour was also stunned. Holender Filip leads the gllvlist with a free kick, but the ball goes to the side of the net.

After 22 minutes, Holender leapt out of pocket, but Pest-Pajovic ran out of the gate.

Grf Dvid did not have much to do with his first movieForr: MTI / Zsolt Czegldi

Then the owners had more balls, but they did not know what to do with the vendors.

The second flid began with the buzzing Honvd.Eke Uzoma left beads on the left side, Norbert Szendrei started on the side of the length but 19 holes in the gate.At 57 minutes, the small painters were in an even higher position. Anis Ben-Hatira, a wounded puppy in Tunisia, was out of tune, wanting to play Jpest's goalkeeper, but he came across the cheeses, and Pajovic managed to save him.

The first flid first serious challenge Jpesti was the 73rd minute. Onew tadsa utn Kovcs Lrnt ltt gate 18 mterrl, but the nhny ball crossed the gate to the right. dntetlen.

OTP Bank League, 29
jpest FC-Budapest Honved 0-0
Ferenc Szusza Stadium, 3884 nz, v. E-Szab
jpest: Pajovic – Pauljevic, Litauszki, Ristevski, Balz B. – Kovcs L., Onovo – Zstr, Rcz (D.D., 64), Beridze (Simon, 81) – Traor (Solomon, 82)
DEFENSE: Grf – Batik, Lovric, small clinic – Heffler, Szendrei, Fousseni (Ban-Szab, 69), Ben-Hatira (Mjer, 81), Uzoma – Danilo (Tischler, 89), Holender
slogan: Pauljevic (44), Balzs B. (53), Traor (78) and Foussen (19)

At home, he kept the chrome spot on Debrecen, and he defeated the Halads' army to 2-1.

Neither team began to take mrkzl to a high tempo, situations were over and minutes passed. The DVSC tz minutes before the first jet-chip is a leader with a Pontrgst kveten with Satmri.

In the second flush, Halads was in the same spirit. The brothers had arrived on the sixteenth day of Debrecen, and they had a bad solution, and there was no gluten. The owners won a glj with the piece of Bdi. Halads Ivanov spy lvs, but it was a mistake for the goalkeeper of Debrecen, Sndor Nagy, risi.

The Szombathely would have been the same for a minute, but in Ofosu lvse, the ball knocked on the door. Szombathelys received a chrome winner, mrkz on kveten.

Debrecen VSC-Szombathelyi Halads 2-1 (1-0)
Debrecen, 3600 nz, v: Bogr
Debrecen VSC: Nagy-Bnyei, Satmri, Pkkovich, Barna-Damsdi, Jovanovic (Cs, 61), Harry, Bdi-Szcsi (K. Varga, 77), Takcs T. (Zsri, 62)
Szombathelyi Halads: Kirly – Habovda, Jagodics, Nmeth Mil., Mohl – Dausvili, Golodjuk (Ofos, 57) – Bamgboye (Gal, 73), Rui Pedro, Ivanov – Rabusico (Priskin, 58)
glszerzk: Satmri (35), Bdi (64, 11) and Ivanov (76)
slogan: Jovanovic (45th) and Daushvili (64)

Disgyr defeated 1-0 to the big eruption in the large group, Brother Paksot.

Initially, the two teams represented security and the gates did not spin. It was the first place in the game for the home team, which took a minute and a half of their lives, and Kunks kt minen bell twice as well.

The disgusting Disgyr, from now on, had lost the mark, and it was possible to bend the scar, and he could not.

Although it was possible for the Paks to be on the second flid, but the Higgins had the ball, and they made bad shots, but failed. Most of the time, only the result was maintained.

The Miskolc players who are out of their way are getting their ngymeccs series, but Paks is putting him on the ground, he can not beat him, and he has a gluten-free. The Tolna were looking for kies zn.

Disgyri VTK-Paksi FC 1-0 (1-0)
Miskolc, 3269, Vol.
Disgyri VTK: Antal – Polgr, Brkovic, Tams M. – Sackakov, Szab B., Mrkvrt, Hasani, Juhar (Korbly, 79) – Vernes (Mihajlovic, 68), Prosser (Tth B., 91)
Paksi FC: Nagy G. – Kvri, Bobl, Kesztys (Cseke, 80), Szab J. – Windecker, Egerszegi, K.Pap (Kecsks, 73) – Bartha (Simon A., 59), Knyves, Hahn
glszerz: Prosser (27)
killtva: Books (36)
slogan: Vernes (57), Tams M. (62), Brkovic (88) and Knyves (34,36), Kesztys (51), Bobl (77)

Pusks Akadmia defeated Mezkvesd 1-0.

In the first flid, both emphasized the sound much more than the MADS, and consequently the chin was full of boring us. In the first 45 minutes, even a big glider could not be added before the flop, but the teams took off.

Turning, there was a change in the way the queens entered the field, but it showed a beard, because they could not get all the time. However, Knezevic is an unscrupulous actor, and he took the lead of the motherland, who managed to get that advantage.

Felcston was the fourth in the series and was hit by a stranger in the unknown while the home team was still undefeated.

Puski Akadmia – Mezkvesd-Zsry FC 1-0 (0-0)
Felcst, v: Vad II
Pusks Akadmia: Hegeds L.-Szolnok, J. Hegeds, Hadzsyev, Zs. – Szakly P., Mioc, Urblk (Por, 60), Ss (Spandler, 80.) – Arabuli (Vega, 61), Knezevic
Mezkvesd: Soap – Eperjesi, Pillr, Katanec, Szalai A. – Szeles (Vajda, no Sznet), Iszlai – Cseri (Pekr, 75), Meszhi, Moutari – Drazic (Koszta, 75)
glszerz: Knezevic (71)
slogan: Zs Nagy (85) and Meszhi (29)

Kisvrda vendgknt won 1-0 against MTK, defeating Fvros for the third time.

The MTK was more active in the first nine minutes, but more than that, but Kisvrda stood firm, then took the lead relentlessly.

The home team did not change anymore, the MTK passes often reached the sellers' sixteenth quarter, but the Welsh did not report any loss.

In the rested quartet, fvrosi cooperation, which had a replacement knee replacement, was more active, he was also in two positions, but Luiz Felip, the supplier's keeper, had to take off in the 56th minute, and there was not much to do . Kisvrda, on the other hand, scolded the MTK gate when he learned that he kept the ball tactically and that the vgl had a strong point. With this tenth, ninth place was lost, while the MTK remained seventh, but won slightly below the point.

The KT team also had a single glove.

MTK Budapest-Kisvrda Master Good 0-1 (0-1)
j Hidegkuti Nndor Stadion, 1819 nz, v. Solution
MTK: Horvth L. – Soldier, Pintr, Gengeliczki, Szelin – Vass. (Kanta, na sznet), Vogyicska – Gera D., Bognr (Diallo, 68), Schn-Lens (Vass P., in the air)
Kisvrda: Gosztonyi (Hugo Seco, 66), Zucchini, Grozav – Horvth Z. (Negrut, 70)
glszerz: Horvth Z. (20)
slogan: Gera D. (34), and Cukalasz (30), Lucas (61), Karaszjuk (80), Melnyik (84)


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