He left a sad child


A child on the bank of the Gdll-Mriabesny River, a 28-year-old child who left the baby immediately on the road. The Jedi was captured by a Frfi, he went to the hero who brought the baby to the ground and brought him to Krhz.

According to the locals, n licked the baby on the rock and left it to the destination. He went to the temple, hiding there, but confused: he catches the same day.

Forrs: Police.hu

I do not know how bntetst rdemel is, but it's definitely better if I do not get my hands on kz. I did not know how to do this.Said a woman in the kennel lord.

you know that all 28 of us are very bad, and you may be able to hide it.

The policeman investigates the murderous ksrlet, and the brsg ordered it now.


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