Germany: President of the Football Federation resigned


Reinhard Grindel, president of the German Football Association (DFB) resigned.

Grindel resigns as president (Photo by AFP)


The 57-year-old sportsman announced on Tuesday Spiegel's announcement: Grindel, as chairman of the Media Board of the DFB, did not report revenue of € 78,000 ($ 24.5 million) in 2016 and 2017. In addition In addition, the Bild allegedly accepted a luxury watch from Hrihorij Süris, a former Ukrainian federal president, who was later recognized by Grindel and estimated the value of the watch at 6,000 euros (1.9 million forints). After the outbreak of the scandals, the leadership of the Alliance did not stand out.

The DFB announced Tuesday that Rainer Koch, vice president and rally president Reinhard Rauball has taken the lead in the alliance.

Grindel, who took office in April 2016, was the 12th – and at the same time the lowest – chairman of the DFB, founded in 1900.

The German Sport1 Grindel can be replaced by former World Cup bronze and silver medalist Christoph Metzelder.


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