Frad was sent off in the first game of the final


He won a spot in the Erste League Hockey Finals after defeating 7-3 in the first game as a guest Ferencváros, writes MTI.

The last opening game was played in front of 800 spectators, and the guests developed a two-pole advantage in the first seven minutes, but soon Fradi could beautify. The start of the second half was the winner of the season and the winners in the middle of the season, returned to 3-2, but again the transylvanians appeared, so that in 3-5 minutes the position was already there.

Ferencváros replaced the goalkeeper in the 29th minute: five goals in the 16 kicks Gergely Arany place József Pleszkán took on.

In the final act, the pressure of the motherland grew, but those of Transylvania knew it Szabolcs Papp shot far. The hosts scored only one goal – a high goal – and tried in vain to take the goalkeeper away from him, even the Csíkians did better Tamás Részegh through.

Ferencváros has already won a title in the final: after 22 years, the Hungarian champion has returned to the 2018/19 season. Fradi was listed for the first time in the finals of the Hungarian championship.

Score – Erste League, final, 1st match

FTC-Telekom – Sport Club Csíkszereda (Romanian) 3-7 (1-2, 2-3, 0-2)
Marker: Walls (8), Roczanov (23), Pavuk (25) and Becze (6th), Valchar (7th), Judge (25th), Gecse (26th), Sukalov (29th). Papp (52), Partially (59)

The battle for half success is 1-0, for the benefit of Csíkszereda.

Photo: MTI / Szilárd Koszticsák


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