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The all-new Suzuki Jimny was awarded a prestigious prize at the World Car Awards (WCA) in the world in 2019 for the first place in the urban car of the year. The result was announced at the New York International Auto Show. Suzuki is the only brand to have been ranked among the best urban car podium for three consecutive years, and this is the first time a Japanese manufacturer has won a prize in the race.

– Jimny is an unparalleled, compact and unmatched off-road vehicle that has remained true to its original concept for almost 50 years – company president Toshihiro Suzuki has flooded. – Jimny has a number of fans around the world who are impressed by the high performance and unique and functional design of the car on the road and on the road. We were happy to receive the award on behalf of the model's fans. In addition, we are proud to create exciting cars with passion that make everyday life easier for people.


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