Fidesz does not tell János Pócs about the video of the boiler


At Tuesday's press conference, Fidesz faction leader They also asked about the newly discovered video, which fidesz the Pócs János fócos in a caldera of gypsy origin that is threatened with fire and then plays a flaming part.

Máté Kocsis sees:

What Pócs did is wrong and unfortunate because it can cause gross misunderstandings.

The faction leader said that he clarified all this with the representative who saw it. However, when we asked the same representative, he found nothing to say about it and even said this is a Very good recording, a fun and ironic shot. And on Monday, despite his fasting, he said his resignation was not in the faction. However, the national autonomous government of the Romans had already requested this.

Photo of Tamás Kovács / MTI / MTVA

According to Máté Kocsis, János Pócs, who was not a member of parliament but was representative of local government at the time of the video, has worked for many gypsies difficult to reach and for many gypsy families. Therefore, he accuses all charges of anti-ciganismo.

János Pócs reacted to the opposition press conference demanding resignation, so that what the opposition does in this case is the double standard. Fidesz does not participate in the opposition political campaign game that, according to the left, a parliamentarian can list Jews, spoil a Jewish monument, fill a party after a marriage-enriched marriage photo, get involved in housing mafias or refuse to renovate a home, but can not be withheld. the mandate to an unhappy friend playing. (MTI)




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