Everyone wants this Peugeot next year


Introduced the new small SUV of 208, 2008. It will also have an electric drive.

The shape is like the 208, just the tentSource: Peugeot

2008 is not only an important model for the French manufacturer, because it is the successor of a successful model, but also because it will be the first pure electric leisure car of the lion brand.

It is only 15 centimeters shorter than the 3008 in a categorySource: Peugeot

From the beginning of next year, 2008 can be bought 14 centimeters longer than its predecessor, its length is exactly 4.3 meters. As the wheelbase increased by 6 cents, one can expect more space in the interior, and the boot also expanded significantly to 434 liters instead of the previous 360.

Can be ordered with wheels up to 18 inchesSource: Peugeot

2008 is based on the same modular floorboard named CMP as the 208, the DS 3 Crossback, or the Opel Corsa. Not surprisingly, the range of engines is the same, The 1.2-liter three-cylinder gasoline is the backbone of the (100, 130 and 155 hp), even with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Just 1.5 liters, four cylinders, the BlueHDi 100 cyclists can be selected from the diesel with a manual transmission. All variants are front-wheel drive, with traction control controlled by the grip control.

The tiny steering wheel and digital panel above the Peugeot could not be lost from 2008;Source: Peugeot

The e-2008 electric, which can be distinguished from the cooling mask alone, is powered by a 136 hp electric motor, which has a torque of 260 Nm available immediately, so good acceleration is guaranteed (0-100: approx 8.3 Mon). The 50 kWh battery can provide a range of 310 km based on the WLTP standard. 20 less than e-208 due to the increased weight and air resistance.

If we start with the new Opel Corsa with 7.74 million, we estimate that the 2008 electricity with State support is estimated at approx. You can get it for 8 million HUFSource: Peugeot

The battery is covered by an 8-year warranty (up to 160,000 km mileage) for up to 70% load capacity. because the battery is placed on the floor the passenger compartment space and the capacity of the luggage compartment are the same as those of the internal combustion engine.


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