Sunday , October 17 2021

European champion and Olympic bronze medalist on basketball court Gyr ni

In the same junior championship, the team's basketball team Gyr lost the Italian leader Sandro Orlando and named Milos Pavlovics.

"The team in the championship suffered a lot of damage, which was hardly a good thing for us, but today we agreed with our leader, who acknowledged that the team's work would be a great success," said Wzy Fzy Andrs Position UNI Gyr. PRES. Orlando McGius was delivered by Gyrt.

I missed the work of Sandro OrlandoForrs: spinning the women's basketball club / Facebook

With J. Trner, with the Serbian Milos Pavlovic, a gyr was added to the Gyr. The 34 volunteers were Serbian diplomats and there were the European Champion of 2015 and the 2016 Olympic Bronze Team.

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