Friday , October 22 2021

Esport 1 – All the Sport in 1 Place! – Draggers are once again capturing the areas of Tamriel!


There is life beyond WoW!

The MMO has never been easy to develop because it needs to create a developer world that will keep the program alive for decades, at best for decades. But since WoW, has been an economically large Luther with a new MMO, but the series The Elder Scrolls has always been one that deserved an episode online. In 2014, we obtained The Elder Scrolls Online.

There is nothing to beautify about it, and when it came out, there were some who were surprised by the game, most likely to compare with the beginning of Fallout 76, although it was not so negative. Over the years, however, ZeniMax has been playing the game correctly, switching to the buy-to-play model, and regularly coming up with better new content, while of course the backgrounds have become more solid than they were when they appeared . Today, we can safely say that in addition to WoW, Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) is one of the best options for anyone looking for an MMORPG game.
There was a world with rich traditions, thousands of stories and fabulous places, everything had to stay alive. Fortunately, TESO has already received the third major addition to many smaller DLCs. I do not want to ruin anything about the story because it gives the spirit of RPG games, but I can say that we will be venturing into the new supplement in Elsweyr, the home of the Khajiit race, and we will have to deal with enemies that have not seen since Skyrim, huge wings. But now we are not a Dragonborn, that is, a Dragonboy, so the screams were left out of the repertoire even though many of us would love to see them on TESO.
On the other hand, we have a new class, and now we can start as a necromancer for the discovery of Tamriel. We can invoke the souls created by death and the demons summoned from oblivion, and I must say that this new class is the best of Elsweyr. Perfectly balanced, the game is innovative and easy to learn, which will not scare the newbies. At the same time, we must be careful, for necromancy is forbidden throughout Tamriel, using our cities to obtain punishment easily, but even guards may act against us, which can quickly end with death.

As is the case with all major DLCs, many new items have been added to the game, including new backs and pets. In TESO, the so-called Champion System comes after level 50, which, after every 400,000 XP, rewards us with a champion point, which we can spend on various passive skills, thus increasing our character stats. If you're already XP, I'll have to look at the less well done part of Elsweyr, which is actually the story itself. We begin with a monumental introduction that, after a bit of unrest, waits for the moment when the events finally begin. However, that point never arrives.
We are moving on missions, leveling up, collecting new equipment, and then the story ends, and the player sits with a bit strange, thinking that this really was it? Unfortunately, I could not create a lasting series of missions for ZeniMax, which is already hurting itself, not to mention the epic story of the previous accessory, Summers. Fortunately, the secondary missions are compensating us, but TESO has never been able to complain about them for five years, since we always get excited about exciting, exciting and complex side missions.

All in all, however, we have a great addition to the game, with lots of things to do to get the player back on the monitor for many months. Unfortunately, the main series of the mission is not the real one, but the subordinate tasks and the fantastic new class will compensate for any shortcomings. The fight against the dragons is a challenge and an excitement like never before in The Elder Scrolls Online's life.


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