According to German research, the Daimler administration wants to achieve savings and efficiencies of around € 6 billion by 2021 for Merces and an additional € 2 billion in cost savings for the truck group. Are the lay-offs coming? Daimler hears the subject.

According to German Manager Magazine, about 10,000 jobs are being cut at Daimler to significantly reduce costs in the coming years. recalls that last year the German company gave jobs to nearly 300,000 people worldwide, so reducing the size of the German newspaper would affect 3% of the total workforce.

Daimler declined to comment on Manager Magazine's announcements, which also drew attention to the fact that cost savings and efficiency improvements should now be driven by the new CEO, Ola Källenius, who plans to take over group management after the Assembly Daimler Annual Report.

Daimler had already announced in February, after publishing its fourth quarterly report, that it would have to reduce its expenses. The company's operating profit fell 22% as a result of the global trade war, increased cost of developing new technologies and adverse changes in the industry.

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