Sunday , February 28 2021

DWTS: Shepherd Anna cried the night before the show because of her pain

Dancers with Star competitors are constantly battling minor or serious injuries. Previously Alexander Noszály and Gabriela Spanic also damaged during the live broadcast, Pastor anna however, he had already recovered from rehearsals. The singer was so bad that she wasn’t sure she would be able to get on stage.

I pulled on my intercostal muscle and was very afraid of what was going to happen. I cried all night yesterday because it hurt so much that I couldn’t breathe. It improved in the morning, but I still couldn’t get past the rehearsal

He said after the production, which he finally got to meet.

This show is like a small miniature life. There are such fates, such tragedies, such ascents

Anna Pásztor added.

This was the choreography:

Featured image: TV2

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