Due to the racist appeal, the gate of Jászberény was banned by ten games


Luis Ramos (right, No. 3) in the Honduran national team against Mexico on January 30, 2005.Photo of ORLANDO SIERRA / AFP

The excitement was revealed in the NBAIII championship of Jászberény and Debrecen EAC last Sunday. According to the Jászberényi, the referee did not torture the Honduran DEAC player, ex-Ladino Luis Ramos, for lack. When one of his players had to take Jászberényi's midfielder, Martin Martin, to the hospital, Berenyi's guardian, according to a later statement from the MLSZ Disciplinary Committee, "violated his opponent's human dignity when he yelled at color of your skin ".

Dr. Lajos Gottdiener, president of Jászberény, does not deny that he made a racist remark. "It was said by the mouth of Péter Rézsó that he is a disgusting nigger, but according to our guardian, this was not addressed to a Honduran player, but to an assistant," he said.

"Who knows, I know I'm playing hard but I never wanted anyone to hurt or break my leg," Ramos told the case for just.com. He did not hear what he said, only his teammates told him. "This is not the first of these cases, I've had similar problems before, if some players or other fans were reprimanded because of my skin color. But in Jászberény, the situation is over," he said.

Jászberény reacted to this by announcing Ramos's statement as a "pathetic explanation." "Ramos's deliberate and rude irregularity, the irrepressible flaws have nothing to do with the player's skin color! Curiously, Ibrahima Sidibe's other skinner, DEAC, was not injured in a single word from the field! " – they wrote.

The MLSZ Disciplinary Committee has punished Osaka for ten matches. (Via UFO)



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