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Dragon Ball has been banned for 20 years

At the end of April 1999, then the National Radio and Television Board (ORTT) fined the RTL Club for HUF 8 million for not doing screening in the early hours of the night as an "example of undermining the development of underage children as an example of violent behavior. "

Dragon Ball Z.

It would not have been a problem at all (after all, whoever the RTL Club and the Hungarian state should be interested in, that the Hungarian state fines RTL for 8 million), but hundreds of thousands of innocent Hungarian children wanted to be ordered by ORTT. also that

RTL removes the sequence from the screen.

RTL and ORTT were stalling for some time before the series stopped, as originally ORTT should turn off Dragon Ball, but when RTL was able to make the decision, the series ended. But after that, Dragon Ball Z, which is, in principle, another history in the same world, according to RTL, is another series, but according to ORTT, it is the same one that was stopped once.

The ORTT was not influenced by the fact that many young people tried to call the board and RTL, they started collecting signatures in many schools and the statements that Dragon Ball was not about violence, but about friendship. , the struggle, the truth, the help of the fallen and the family ". Of course this is bullshit, with so much power for Duro to Kill, Dumb and Dumber, American Ninja, Terminator or Sharknado 6 on friendship, struggle, family and truth. No, Dragon Ball does not say anything particularly loud about the movies in the Marvel universe, Throne Battle or Star Wars.

Dragon Ball is a fairy tale in which the characters are struggling, and all sorts of idiotic and less foolish adventures are alive, but of course it's good.

RTL attempted to continue the series on the dawn show, but audience members were sleeping at that time, so the audience fell instead of stopping. (via Index)


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