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Dragon Ball banned for 20 years

In my life, public activism came with the ban on Dragon Ball. In my family, there have been discussions about political issues before, but these have always seemed things that seem distant from my life, apparently unaffected. However, at the end of April 1999, eight days after my seventh birthday, I could no longer see how public policy entered our panel room and took my favorite series Dragon Ball Z out of my screen.

So with my brother, we started collecting signatures at residential elementary school to get back to our favorite cartoon.


What Gokun is Dermeer is for us ORTT

In late April 1999, RTL Klub took Son Gokuque off the screen, after the media authority of that time, ORTT punished the channel for 8 million HUF, which was not projected at dawn – "harmful for the development of younger children, behavior violent". as an example "series.

Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, although violent, are only the surface and the action, not the point.

  • It is about becoming the deepest and most honest friendship of the most severe hostility.
  • The fact that there is always a chance to solve our family traumas is that one of our greatest allies, who some years before with his own body, shook his father's breast hundreds of feet high, could be a man.
  • The heroes of the series teach the spectator to protect the weak, the vulnerable and always fight for forgiveness. It is not a barrier to the development of friendships and love, in the sense that we come from different cultures in vain. Son Gokut, for example, was sent down by the warriors to the wrath of mankind, but he became the protector of the Earth.

But ORTT did not care. For example, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are two different series. First, they wanted to pass the first, but when RTL was able to make the decision, the series ended. Then they began broadcasting the sequel, Dragon Ball Z, which resulted in a small declaration of war between ORTT and the channel. The authority did not understand why RTL was repeating what they had blocked on the screen.

Seriously, no one is looking at another series of pumpkins? That the Goku Son is no longer an Desperate Satan, but his son, Young Satan? Did not you realize that Son Goku sometimes has a blonde and golden aura? What do you think of this, if not the drone level never seen in Dragon Ball, the superpower of the star?

After this level of misunderstanding, no one was surprised that, according to the results of the media authority monitoring survey, the essence of the series act (!) Was "continuous killing" which made the afternoon screen impossible. RTL Klub tried to give the next parties at 23:55, but by then, fans were already burdened with homework, brushing their teeth and sleeping soundly. The vision is inactive.

The students were hot in vain

But back to political activism, I was very proud of my brother, who was in the same school as the eighth grade, where I was the first to sign up to put Dragon Ball on RTL's afternoon sketchbook. Of course I helped him, I got dozens of supporters for our case.

And we were not the only ones to respond to the censorship of the state.

Everywhere the young people moved around the country. MTI wrote on April 29, 1999 based on Blikk that "they still do not sit in the rage of the Dragon Ball series because they are in a hurry." They telephoned the RTL Club or the ORTT, posting the signatures of Son Goku, trying to pressure the power. According to Blikk's information, Gábor W., a 14-year-old student from Sárvár, specifically cut off his arms after the cartoon projection was lifted.

"There are a lot of people calling us and the program is still running, children are signing up for many schools, but we are awaiting a court decision. If it is for our good, we will air Dragon Ball again" commented the then director of marketing of RTL, Imre Szabó. The court case was closed in 2004, the Supreme Court granted the truth to ORTT, citing expert opinions that "films can have psychedelic effects, can exacerbate an exalted state of mind and may act as hallucinations."

Son Gokut was not finally defeated by the fighters, not frustrating, neither by the androids, nor by Cell, but by the Hungarian state.

Of course, the world has changed a lot in the last 20 years, and nowadays, Dragon Ball battle scenes are not violent. The series also returned to Viasat 6 in 2012, and even parts of Dragon Ball Super, following the series Dragon Ball Z, are projected in synch, just behind the American show.

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