Cup of Germany: Fantastic 12 years – Ribéry after the final


Franck Ribéry, Arjen Robben and Rafinha are saying farewell to Bayern Munich. After the finals of the German Cup on Saturday (RB Leipzig-Bayern Munich 0-3), Péter Gulácsi said in disappointment, while Robert Lewandowski, who was doubling, finally closed the season.


Arjen Robben and Franck Ribéry are close to each other (Photo: AFP)

"Of course we are very disappointed. We put everything in. We played football very well in the first 30 minutes, we were aggressive, but we should have used our situations. This was our first final, it is not easy to overcome this. What we get from our fans is just great. Overall, I think we can be proud of ourselves " – rated Péter Gulácsi, the Hungarian goalkeeper of Leipzig.

"It's a big disappointment, we do not deserve this defeat. We dominated in the first half hour, we were close to driving. Then we got a goal, changed the game image. We had three big situations, none of which was used, so it's difficult for Bayern. " He said Ralf Rangnick, CoR Head Coach.

"We played with a good opponent, Leipzig was playing football very well, but today he came along, we did well, that end is always special, especially in such a way. twelve years – So, good bye Franck Ribérywho won the 24th trophy with the Munich band.

"Just a goal floated in front of our eyes, the victory of the cup .I am very, very satisfied, we played well, we provided a convincing performance." Of course, victory is recommended for fans, Franck, Arjen and Rafinha. very good " Said the folder Robert Lewandowskiwho made a record with six cup finalists in Germany.

"It's a great feeling to say goodbye to two trophies. When I was on the sideline and I traded, the match was not over yet. I had to focus a lot, and then quickly scored two goals and enjoyed the game. Now the celebration is coming, so how's it going? I still do not know. Bayern is over but those days are coming. " He said, thanking the ten-year-old Arjen Robben.

"As we had hoped, Leipzig was a difficult opponent, it was very good in the spring, and we were able to watch it in the first 30 minutes, so we played a bit more offensive and Neuer helped us twice, we deservedly won. " He said Niko Kovac, the first to be doubled as a player and coach in Germany. After the meeting, a 47-year-old professional sent a megaphone to fans with a megaphone.

On Sunday morning at Bayern, the usual celebration starts at Marienplatz, the main square in Munich.

RB Leipzig-Bayern München 0-3
(Lewandowski 29, 85, Coman 78)


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