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The first round seemed to be a very short game on Saturday night in New York, Terence Crawford against the famous Madison Square Garden. Amir Khan of the WBO World Champion Championships after the former champion – has already sent a British challenge to the ground during the opening race. Crawford, the main favorite of the Nebraska meeting, was not able to shorten the fight at the time, and Khan was a bit overt, but it was not enough to hamper P4P, the top-ranked American.

Crawford, who was in control of the showdown and found much more, finally pulled the strigula victory under strange conditions: after the sixth stroke of a completely clear course of slip, the referee stopped the fight and, according to the rules, Khan gave a rest to regenerate. in the bolton boxer's board gave up the match, then Crawford's KO technician was successful.

Winner Crawford indicated in an interview following the meeting that the next time the IBF would like to meet world leader Errol Spence Jr.

Video: The complete recording of the game

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Reality comes a little to Khann. He finally got the lead of his own weight group, which he always wanted and was helpless about it. It's fast, it's another level. And now you can not catch your chin. It did not work well with punctuation, nor did it have the following topics.

2019-04-21 11:57:30

Crawford brought what the ghoul tole, the leutes in the first round … was a bang as a master.

Khan had a couple of spikes because of his quick hands, but he did not show anything that would put Bud in serious embarrassment or would have won the match.
Crawford, breaking the basin under the whiskey, twisted the threads and dismantled Amir's thoughts and fears of confidence at that time.
Which one was in the sixth, but not sandal and not the nuts, but next to the lower abdomen. Certainly there was no amir nice ass, but I think nothing could have been regenerated in 5 minutes. If it were inconceivable, then fetreng tole in the fold.

Well, Amirek insisted that he had not been treated here today, and that he put a signal to him because he could have been in the middle of a big deal with him and he did not want to drink.

2019-04-21 11:52:05


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