Chelsea: In football, the leaks of Canadian football could not get involved, in fact!


Even the leak of football's Euro Millions football leak was not able to get into No. Kolo, and French investigative journalists could only confirm that the Chelsea world champion is one of the most honest athletes of our day.

Gómez Kanté respects the rules at all levels (Photo: AFP)

According to Mediapart research, when Chelsea signed the Leicester City player in 2016, Kanten was offered to pay a portion of his salary – presumably, according to general practice – to an overseas account that he should pay less.

In Jersey – a British island belonging to the United Kingdom, which is an autonomous legal system recognized as tax havens on the island, an account was also issued to Kanten (this did not disclose that Chelsea or the legal representative of the player, or his family had requested) , but the player you did not want to hear about part of your salary.

"No goal is completely inflexible, he wants everything in the normal way.He read a lot of tests to tax the players and he fears he can be questioned.He does not even accept the least risk" – Mediapart mentions the letter it has Representative of canton he wrote to the leaders of Chelsea.

From Kant's point of view, it was well known that he was legendarily modest, diligent, and honest, and this is further evidence of this.

"It does not surprise me to hear that from N'Gothó Everything is perfect, he never betrayed, sometimes playing cards" He said about the latest development Blaise Matuidi, a French national player at a press conference in Friday's fight against the Netherlands.


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