Car: Inside and Out: We tested the smallest and cheapest Tesla, Model 3


It was a difficult and complicated birth in the world of Tesla Model 3. So much that many of them were concerned not only with the child but also with the mother. Now, in the spring of 2019, we already know that both survived the initial sinister period. As a reminder, the model was launched in March 2016, but the first copies were only released in mid-2017, and the European distribution began three years after the inauguration.

Sales on the old continent were excellent and in the first month the largest number of electric cars sold in Europe was immediately launched and all local compact premium sedans were immediately rejected. That is, the A4 Audit, the BMW 3 and the Mercedes C-Class.

Let's say this is not in a hurry to jump because the Europeans, who were just impatient, had been waiting for a long time with the Messiah's wallet. What will be available in Tesla's first domestic business that will open in the spring, however, we can still buy these American electric cars in Vienna. We've tried a 3-range long-range two-engine model.

Ronda's Delight

If you have a design that shares the interests of your car, it's the Tesla Model 3. But it's not like sharing like a Nissan Juke or a Lexus LS. And this is presumably due to the fact that the American electric car line was not like the adventurous adventure of the designers.

But as the compaction of the electric drive chain opened new perspectives for designers, and because of the primary aspect of development, air would have the least resistance. The result was an air resistance coefficient of 0.23 or excellent.

And a massive, deep front that, combined with a relatively tall passenger cell behind it, resembles some of the prototypes of Soviet and NDK cars filled with ashes. Others are the four-wheel Nirvana.

What can be judged objectively is size. Well, the model 3 is almost centimeter exactly as tall and tall as the wheelbase of the new BMW 3, which just came out. It has very different proportions and it seems that it is not so much for well-researched computing, but for petrolhead.

The feeling of space is well ahead and behind, and the foot is more than just the back. A passenger with a height of up to 1.85 meters can easily accommodate a passenger of the same height, which may only have a narrow space, obviously due to the spectacularly sloping roofline. By the way, it's glass, improving the feeling of space and making it difficult in summer weather.

The value of 425 liters of the trunk looks good, but it is less that it is divided into a first 85 liters and 340 liters rear. To stay in the BMW 3: the competitor of Bavaria also offers a putton of 480 liters.

Key? What is it?

Of course, there is no key but no other electronic key accompanies the Model 3. There are two thin paper release cards but you can even leave it at home if you prefer to open the smartphone or start the car. It's enough to stand next to the phone in our pocket next to the car and you can open the doors with a non-electrically openable handle.

Installed in an adjustable, motorized and twelve-way leather seat, you can see a panel similar to the partially developed exhibition concept cars. But this is a completely finished product, with its more minimalist style and astronaut. Nowhere is there a button, anywhere with a fan, no instrument, just a leather steering wheel and a 15-inch tablet on your right.

According to our unplanned and unrepresentative public opinion, 14 out of 50 voters, such as Tesla's absolute minimalist interior style, and 36 are more advocates of the more conservative European booth.

If you want to open the glovebox, you can do it with one of the tablet's virtual buttons and we can also open the back door. In all three cases, the rear lock is manual, which may be strange for the large rear door. The steering wheel, mirrors, ventilation, everything but everything from the central display and the controls on the steering wheel with constantly changing functionality.

However, when we wanted to stop a little at the meeting, we were looking for the menu item that would do that. Yes, this is a Stone Age way to hit the hidden buttons on the side of the seats.

The touchscreen is of the highest quality, can not be tied, as well as the user interface displayed on it. Of course I would burn Elon Muscos, even with the least attentive mindset, in a digital stack. Even if there is no problem with system speed: the Tesla menu is as fast as the latest iPads.

There are no circular or rectangular ventilation grilles, the air is directed from the concealed aperture over the entire width of the instrument panel and is very efficient in the passenger compartment. If you are very cold, just press the appropriate pictogram and as a result, the wood that appears on the display will crack in the digital fireplace and the warmth of the carriage will flow to the interiors. We may call it even more ingenious, but we have a secondary sense of shame that there is also a popcorn sound feature on the digital menu, and even indexing can be accompanied by a controversy.

With a large storage compartment with large storage compartments, a Lightning and a USB-C cradle are included, with which you simply have to place your mobile phone with great simplicity. The rear seat type A USB sockets are found in the company of "old-fashioned" air fans, and they are glad there is no word on the gimbal tube. And it's pretty obvious that many of the car's features can be accessed remotely from the smartphone associated with it.

If Model 3 is the star of information technology, then, on the quality front, we can give it the maximum number in the type designation with a calm heart. Problems begin at the door: no one is waiting for a motorized door pull, but it can be closed with a medium force with a cultivated sound effect. There was a case of closing the door normally to a fifth of what we even offered to a Lada vest.

The passenger compartment sits well in the first block, but our fingers quickly break down the sturdy materials that are much weaker than the price range, and the mounting joints are not even everywhere. There is nothing to beautify, California is not yet Ingolstadt, Munich or Stuttgart, although it is still unbeatable in front of time.

Instantaneously soluble cocoa

It is unnecessary to enter the different acceleration data, yes, this Tesla is also spreading well. In addition, the test car is not the strongest performance version, but the weakest version. By the way, the acceleration itself is not spontaneity but greater denial.

For an internal combustion engine, part of the automatic transmission returns to the ground in a short or long period of time, the engine rises, the turbocharger enters and accelerates. What's more, it's not very surprising, as the listed procedure is not only for the driver but also for the passengers preparing for the speed increase.

Compared to this, there is no delay in the Tesla: pressing the accelerator pedal (the obsolete word) is essentially squeezed into the seat. And maybe the 0-100 sprint is not the most difficult, but let's say a 80-120 flexibility task. That is, by making a typical aperture. In our case, silent in silence, with a little rubber rubbing.

The power of about 350 horsepower or 530 Nm of torque therefore does not transmit anything this Tesla can do. And if we take the more expensive version, we have about 460 horsepower and 640 Nm. By the way, there are stronger brakes, a planted chassis, a larger wheel, a carbon rear spoiler and a track mode.

With the Tesla Model 3, it is unnecessary to go to the chiptuning. In a good case, messages like this appear on the screen, so the Musket has increased the car's performance by 5% from a distance. Honey, is not it?

So little Tesla goes straight, but what curve? Well, the more experienced riders here may already feel that Tesla actually started making cars yesterday compared to its big rivals. We would not say that suspension is bad, but it would be a little soulless, somehow governance, from which we would expect more feedback.

The true adventure car has another big enemy called the crowd. It is certainly great that the center of gravity of Model 3 is as low as possible, but the mass of the so-called rival standard of up to 2 to 300 kg is not ideal for curves or brakes.

It should be noted here that, of course, the trolley produces electricity during braking. The engine brake power can be adjusted in two stages, even in extreme mode with little exaggeration, even without conventional braking. A similar engine braking effect last time was seen on the BMW i3, requires customization, but can be quickly obtained in the city.

Self-orientation, scope

Contrary to popular belief, Teslák has the same level of self-direction as most modern cars. This scale is also 5 degrees and the first Audi A8 jumped to level 3. In addition, the Autopilot feature is an extra 1.1 million forints, and if you want the smarter version that is not available in Europe, your bank account will be finer at 1.85 million forints. They can also be retrofitted, but then they cost between $ 1.4 and 2.5 million.

With many cameras and model 3 equipped with radar, we were lucky enough to test the self-management capabilities of a short road so we can categorize it as one of the best solutions. But it is far from flawless, for example, by recognizing speed limits on traffic signals.

We can only comment on the interval after long usage. The test car's 75 kW lithium-ion battery provides a 530 km range at the top of Model 3 and a more stringent WLTP cycle than before. What this means in practice is that it is sufficient to put the car in a charger approximately 450-480 kilometers. With a 50 kW and 62 kWh battery, the 230 V home charging is slow and at best we can charge the car with a Tesla Supercharger that will pump a 270 km range on the battery in 30 minutes.

Charging a 75 kW battery at home costs about 3,000 forints, or 100 kilometers with less than 2 liters of gasoline can swim. And in many public places, charging is still free, at least for a while. In addition, we do not talk about many of the benefits of green plate, and that such and similar electric cars have few wear parts, lower maintenance costs.

Conclusion, prices

+ : inside and out, incredible acceleration and flexibility, advanced electronics, low maintenance costs, long range, fast loading capacity.

: Design Sharing, Quality Problems, Appliance Guidance Alarm, High Weight, High Price, Extras Expensive.

The Tesla Model 3 shows what happens when a company approaches automotive engineering from an IT perspective. Those who are fully open to their gadgets, whose gas vapor is no more than an unpleasant odor, and who have a more reflective acceleration in their driving experience, well, they currently have no better choice than Model 3.

But for everyone else, it will be hard to push the minimalist dashboard, the tablet-like user experience and below-average quality in Europe. While low maintenance costs can be attractive, we have to be rich first to save money.

For some time in the US, Model 3 has already been sold "low-cost", converted to less than 10 million HUF, with a range of 350 kilometers, but not yet in Europe. Mifel must pay a minimum of $ 18 million for a model 3 and a test car worth $ 19 million. The strongest performance is based on 21.6 million forints, and these are forint-denominated Viennese prices, not the domestic ones.

In comparison, the new BMW 3 has a base of 10.9 million forints. The 330i starts with 12.9 million forints for the most sporting riders and opens up to 330.3 million long distance riders.

Although small, but if you do not like the black color of Model 3, you will get almost $ 700,000 for white enamel, and the red paint will cost over $ 800,000. And if the black cabin is pressed, the brightest weather will cost 330,000 HUF. The car is covered by a 4 year / 80,000 km general warranty, with an 8 year / 192,000 km warranty on the battery and transmission chain.

In our humble opinion, it is not worth getting into the purchase of a Tesla Model 3 for now. Among other things, because European manufacturers will soon launch similar products on the market and, on the other hand, cheaper models of model 3 are expected to arrive in the future.

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