AvtoVAZ wants to make its latest model available for even wider layers.

So far, the newest Lada Vesta sedan was bought in Russia for the lowest price of 614,900 rubles (2.62 million forints), but the new Lada Vesta Standard, which has been revealed, is cheaper at 20,000 rubles (85,000 forints) . The novelty of 594,900 rubles (2.53 million forints) is a 1.6-liter petrol engine with 105 hp, a manual switch, two front airbags, a track stabilizer, a front window and a 15-inch disc rim.

The Lada Vesta SW, also known as combined export, has a cheaper version, which is known as Classic Start and has 28,000 rubles (120,000 forints) cheaper than the previous basic model. The new 676,900 rubles (2.88 million forints) include air conditioning and heated front seats plus standard equipment.

The Lada Vesta SW Cross, which is sculpted in the fashion traveler, also came out with a 25,000 rubles (105,000 forints) lower price than the previous base model. Vesta SW Cross Comfort's 779,900 rubles (3.32 million forints) include rain and light sensors, a cruise control, a multifunction steering wheel and a 4.3-inch monochrome car radio. Compared to the normal Vestas, the high-height model rolls on 17-inch wheels.

The Lesta Vesta is available in Hungary at the lowest price of HUF 3.7 million, the base of the Vesta Wagon is 4.1 million forints, and the Vesta SW Cross carved out in the fashion traveler can be taken home after pay a minimum of 4.55 million forints. For now, it is not known when cheaper new basic versions of the Russian market will reach Hungary if they arrive at any moment.

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