By 2021, half of Huawei's main mobile phones will be foldable


Huawei expects many folding smartphones and by 2021, half of the top models can be.

Huawei hopes that many collapsible phones, Richard Yu, and Huawei's Consumer Affairs Manager have shared the company's short-term expectations with the new format.

As the folding phones are still very new, the manufacturer is currently focusing on Mate X, which will be released in June. Huawei herself admits that it is very expensive, but over time prices will fall. Within two years, a foldable cell phone will not be more expensive than a normal smartphone.

Source: T3

That is why Huawei will launch more and more foldable phones, and by 2021, half of the top models in the Huawei line will have a folding screen. One will be so compact that it's even smaller than the P30 Pro.

The Chinese company hopes that not everyone will like this concept, so they will not stop using smartphones in the future.


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